How to fix vibe? Does the axle cause this?

Best way to vix general vibe? New to this so any input appreciated.

Would the axle cause this? Something else? Is there a step by step approach to diagnose the cause?

THANKS in advance!

Sometimes you have a floating axel case, where you have to make sure the axel is even on both sides; sometimes its also the bearing or the response sticking out and rubbing against the string. But most of the time it’s just the threads and the way it was manufactured. Any way,

What’s a vibe?

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When the yo has a vibration

Ummm, floating axles don’t cause vibe.

When it’s not quite even on both sides it does, at least on my past experience.

No way there’s enough mass offset to cause vibe which is due to an unbalanced yoyo. The axle may be bent or loose, in which case you may get vibe. A loose axle can be fixed w/teflon tape or loctite. A bent axle needs to be replaced.

Also, since any possible mass offset is concentrated at the center of the yoyo, the most it might do is cause some precession, where the yoyo will rotate on the string.

That could only cause your yoyo to lean over to the side with more of the axle.

Hmmm, well you’re probably right, but I’ve had really vibey yo-yos in the past, and tuning them with the axel perfectly straight in the center made them a lot smoother.

That’s because it changes the orientation of the halves.

It’s not about the mass it’s about the threads. Threads aren’t perfect so sometimes a half turn or whatever can slightly change the… Lost my train of thought u get the picture.

It doesn’t change the orientation of the halves.

Without side effects, the only way to do this is change the width of the gap with a wider or narrower bearing or shims something.

There’s another thread GregP started about this…,72649.0.html

In a nutshell, imagine you drill a hole in the yoyo so that you can get an Allen wrench to the axel while the yoyo is together… You would be able to screw the axel in and out to any position without changing the orientation of the halves.

If you screw one thread into one half and put the rest in the other half, the orientation would be different then a 50/50 split. This is because the side you spin rotates a different number of times.

The side you spin rotates a different amount, but the axle rotated the same amount different into the other half. They will meet up at the same orientation.

Try first, reading the thread at the link I posted. Then, put a piece of tape lined up on each half of your yoyo. Then take it apart and give the axle a 1/2 turn and put it back together and observe the tape.

This is correct.
The only reason that a yoyo might be tuned because of teflon tape or loctite is because it fixes the imperfections of the axle. The orientation of halves will always remain the same, unless you use side effects

I don’t think the orientation is always the same if the threads aren’t perfect.

Yeah, stretching or twisting the axle by over tightening might to this. Or, any kind of thread damage by grabbing with pliers or cross-threading or whatever.