Rally got vibey!

It was fine a while ago, but since a few days ago(when it my have dropped from a table onto a carpeted floor) it has been a little worse. I lubed a bunch of bearings tonight, and the vibe became much worse after. Not vibe you feel just feel on finger grinds, but a highly visible pulsating vibe. I am not a picky noob, i dont care much about vibe or dings in general, but this is detracting from the enjoyment. I have already tried suggestions from another post like this. Please help.

Is it possible the weight rings got shifted? The only things that help me with vibe was to properly clean the bearing add a very small amount of thin lubricant. And make sure the yoyo halves were properly tightened also checking to see if the axle (if removable) is centered to give equal thread to both sides.


I could get pulse vibe on my protostar if I didn’t tighten it enough, but that’s not.the case here. Also tried taking the fake side effects out and sticking them back in, pressing the bearing seat to see if it was loose, tightening and retightening it over and over again. Would a vid help

It wouldn’t hurt, I will say I am not that experience after all I really started yoyoing a couple months ago. I’ve been figuring things out by trial and error. This might be a shot in the dark but have you messed with the axle or possibly tried swapping it. The way I view it is there’s some sort of imbalance between the halves if you ruled out how it is thrown (not saying it’s your throw)


Based on the original post, I’m thinking the fall jarred one of the weight rings just a bit out of place. You read about this a bit with bimetals, a smack on the ground, dislodges a ring a bit, then vibe.

I don’t have a Rally, but, could you try pushing the rings to see if one is loose? Alternatively maybe reach out to One Drop, explain the situation and see if they can fix it (of course, they may charge you for this service - which is absolutely appropriate to do)

Alas, the yoyo cracked when I lightly tapped it on a wood table. The tap was evenly distributed, so the only explanation is that one of the rings was dislodged a very small amount, then, the supporting plastic, already stressed, cracked when it was exposed to more then before. The crack occurred about 2 seconds after the tap, so I think that explanation makes sense. I saw a cracked rally for sale on ebay yesterday, so I’m guessing this is a very common problem. Its too bad, because the Rally was my favorite plastic, and I liked it more then some of my other metal yoyos.

Also, sometimes I’d tune my Rally by putting an allen key in the axle and turning it ever so slightly, so that the hub rotates a tad.

Wouldn’t work sometimes, but I would get lucky and it’d be pretty smooth occasionally. Gotta be lined up just right with the other hub.