YYJ Trigger vibe?

I just got a YYJ Trigger, and it has like a ton of vibe. How do I fix it? I’ve tried using different sized YYJ axles, tuning, and bearing changing. Help?

Maybe it’s the placement of the weight rings… there’s a little gap on a part of it.

Where did you get your trigger?

Might just be a bad egg. My DMII also vibes quite a bit. But from what I know, most Solid Spin Yoyos are quite smooth.

Try to push the weight rings in

Disassemble first.

Check for bent axel. Also take the axel and bearing out and put the halves on a scale. Are they even?

They do have some vibe, yes. Its just one of those things you have to expect from a throw that cheap.
Unless its visible wobble, why would you care?

Give it to me and buy a better yoyo.

Dissassemble. Re-assemble. Tighten.

Do this. Over. And over. And over. It’s something I do with all of my yoyos and it works wonders. Tighten is hard (Be smart, don’t go all brute force and ignorance on it).

Would you just go away -_- And check for loose weight rings.

Hmmmm, my guess is that since this was originally posted Sept. 8, and nothing since, that maybe he solved it already. :wink:

sold* :wink:

Problem solved… ;D

Pretty much all plastics have vibe. One day, i picked up my trigger and it had TONS and I mean TONS of vibe. I’m talking worse than a broken sat on dark magic with z stacks vibe. I pushed the weight rings in really tightly, after discovering they were loose. Problem solved.

So its probably the weight rings.