Trigger's metal rings a problem?


I’ve read a few reviews on the YYJ Trigger, and they seem to keep mentioning how the weight rings become loose. Is this a common problem? I’m asking because I want to buy one, but not if it has a reoccurring issue.


I’ve vigourously played my Trigger, in both 1A and 5A, and haven’t ran into this problem.


It can if the yoyo’s plastic gets really hot as in when it’s sitting in a hot car under the sun all day long. Let the plastic cool down and the problem goes away.

Mine is fine.


I’ve played my Trigger a respectable amount of time in the last couple of weeks and I certainly haven’t experienced any problems with the weight rings. I will say that I haven’t hit anything besides the string with my Trigger so it hasn’t had much opportunity to jar anything loose.

The Trigger is an outstanding yo-yo for it’s price tag. Take the plunge, there’s very little gamble you’ll be at all disappointed.


I’ve had no problems with mine. I’d recommend it to anyone.