Damage on YYJ Trigger

Hey guys, Today I felt like throwing my YYJ trigger. Its a great throw, but I felt like the plastic used isn’t very durable. My worst nightmare came true today. As I was throwing, I messed up and the yoyo died. No biggie I’ll just snap start and retry. I went on to snap start it, but didn’t realize I threw it towards a wooden chair. My trigger hits the chair and shattered. Here’s the damage.


The damage introduced a fair amount of vibe, and I deem it unplayable to my standards. I’m actually kind of bummed out about this, but hey things happen.

Unfortunately, you’re not the first person to shatter a Trigger. :frowning: I wish for your sake they were more durable, too.

Those thin celcon rims are just too thin to take much abuse. Also, the weight ring prevents the while half from really moving together so the impact really has nowhere to go.

5A and bad 1A: Death for a Trigger.

Great yoyo, but needs a bit of re-tweaking I think.