Cracking triggers?


I might get a Trigger for 5a… But, what is the percent that it will crack easily or quickly? Im not very good at 5a and will drop a lot…

Would i just be better off to keep my PGM for 5a or get a trigger?

Just dont want to go selling my PGM and getting a trigger and having it crack in a week/few days…


Keep the PGM for 5A.

The Trigger is a great, shape and weight balance for 5A, but if it hits the ground or hard surface on the edge of those thin rims, that’s it, CRACK! and you’re done. I have 2 Triggers that I play a lot, but I play them for 1A.

You might have better luck with the Trigger than some, but everyone I’ve known who is complaining about them breaking, it’s been due to playing it for 5a.

So, if you’re gonna do it, my advice: Play over carpet and grass. That should greatly extend the life of your yoyo for 5A drops.


Get an Alpha Crash. Tape it. Become distracted by the awesomeness that is Go West.


What’s with you and the taping lol!


Heck, you’re suppose to tape your spin tops… I guess why not tape your yoyo rims?


It makes them so… Durable. Like, pavement=hard carpet durable.


Might try it, but I am not a person who cares a ton about dings. I mean unless it is a 28s Peak or Cliff realted yoyo, could care less…


I don’t do it to metals, just my plastic unresponsive s that I’m using for Go West and want to cushion it’s insides from drops. It also makes the yoyo less likely to hurt other things.

(rizkiyoist) #9

One of my friend tried to do a kick bind on my trigger, and then it hits the floor so hard like there is no tomorrow.
Guess what, it’s nothing.
It’s kinda like an offstring yoyo that bounces when it hit hard surface, can’t even imagine it cracking but if someone does then I don’t know.