Yoyojam Trigger


Here is my review of the yoyojam trigger!

Specs: diameter-55.5 mm


      Weight:68 grams
      Bearing size: C

      Pads: standard yyj silicone

My first thoughts when I was ordering:  I saw it and right away thought that this was a cheap priced throw that would just be good to take to yoyo clubs.

First thoughts when I got it: it’s very similar in shape to a Yyf Catalyst. Surface is smooth and almost like delrin. It came with a poly string on it right away. Yoyojam needs to not wind the string around the yoyo on the box!! Very “worn in” string.

On a throw: Full sized monster is how I’d describe this. I prefer this to a lot of my 50-100 dollar yoyos. It plays like a metal and with a price tag of about 30 bucks its insane. The string that it came with snapped within 5 minutes. Yoyojam should note that as a problem. Anyways it has a yoyojam speed bearing. I don’t really like the speed bearing too much so I threw in a 10 ball. Hallelujah!!! Angels of heaven sing down from above! The yoyo is stable, can hold horizontals decently, should be priced at 50 dollars. It’s that good. It’s my number one throw right now. Sorry supernova, you have been demoted.

Bottom line: buy this thing! You won’t regret it. It’ll be the best 30 bucks you’ve spent on yoyos for a while.

note: weight rings can get out of place causing vibe, just press them down and it plays just like before.


Definitely one of my current favorite throws. It’s not a good player for the price, it’s a good player period.


I recently got my trigger and it’s extremely good. Better than some of my other yoyos.
It’s pretty floaty actually :o


Trigger is a great 5a for price


Is It better than a northstar?


To be honest I prefer my Trigger over my Northstar, but it all comes down to preference if you want a yoyo who’s a tad floaty, full size and has a plastic that’s hard to break get the Trigger.
But I guarantee that with the Trigger you won’t be disappointed ;D


The trigger is great just be careful. My son hit his on the driveway and it cracked into pieces and the weight rings feel out.


Aww man! That’s a bummer!

I have to be careful with mine then…


I just got my trigger and I love it! but does it come apart? when I turn it, it squeaks!


To take it apart…

You put it on it’s side and while holding the bottom half, twist the top half counter-clock-wise.

Should get it done. You might need to put a grippy glove on. Some people have trouble taking these apart.


it doesnt matter what i do! it just squeaks! it doesn’t even want to come apart!


Are you sure you’re twisting it the right way?


yeah counter-clockwise. i just can’t get the metal piece under the sticker to stay put



It seems like you are twisting the wrong way or the the axle insert (I assume that is what is under the sticker) is broken. Did it come with it sticking out? If so, it must have been a defect or something.

Otherwise, you probably over tightened it and the axle insert is coming out.

Hope you can fix this.


I just got this yoyo today and the first thing i tried to do was take it apart. I know how to take apart a yoyo I’ve done it thousands of times. i think you’re right about the axle inserts because i took off the sticker and when i turn it the axle stays in place. bleh… defects…


DON’T BE DISCOURAGED PEOPLE! THIS YOYO IS GREAT! I think it’s definitely a product worth buying. I have a 45 dollar metal yoyo that has almost the exact same shape as this yoyo and the trigger plays better than it!


I’m still using it over throws that cost 4x as much.


Just go mine today and found the Trigger to be a refreshingly different throw. Money well spent.


I’ve been play over concrete a lot the past 6 weeks or so. My Trigger has been a go-to throw. It doesn’t play like I’d expect from a JD designed yoyo. Still, it’s got winner and competitor flowing through it.

Yeha, just under $30. Get it. Get 2. I won my first one. The second, I’ve paid for.


Also, I do have to say that this yoyo is one of the best yoyos I’ve tried. Yyj and JD really thought of how to make their competition against protostars and north stars and such. Amazing.