Trigger cracked-really?!?!

So I was playing my trigger today. I got it at worlds, and I was playing it just a second ago, when I hit it on the ground. Wasn’t even hard, just a light drop. I see a hunk if plastic shoot off towards the other side of the room. After closer inspection, I find it having a huge split going down to the bearing seat. Wait, REALLY?! This really teed me off. Is there something that can be done about this?


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Unfortunately, this has been the experience with many trigger owners I have known.

YoyoJam I think is replacing the ones that cracked you just need to send it to them.

My Rally split the same way a couple of days ago and I didn’t hit on the ground! It cracked tucked away in my bag! My NorthStar has a hairline crack all the way to the bearing seat as well. Here is what is occurring to me, these new and improved “plastics” such as Celcon & Delrin are proving to be fragile and fail to be able to endure ordinary everyday play. I have a Duncan FHZ I’ve had for years and it looks just like the day I bought it. Duncan Imperials withstand all kinds of abuse without showing that they are any worse for the wear. But pay $40 or $50 bucks for a plastic throw and you better handle it with kid-gloves because they’ll crack like an eggshell!

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Sorry man

For all of the yoyos mentioned in this thread - contact the manufacturer or the retailer you purchased it from to see if they’ll help you out. Sorry to everyone who has had a yoyo break unexpectedly on them.

It is probably caused by the weight ring being too large and stressing the plastic. Celcon and delrin are actually quite durable (the NorthStar is polycarbonate, not sure about the rally, or trigger).

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You have touched upon a hypothesis I have that it is not the make up of the plastic which is actually the problem but the relationship between the weight rings and the material they are mounted in. It is my suspicion, and admittedly someone with a background in physical sciences would be better prepared to answer such a theory, that the reason my Rally cracked was that my bag was sitting right in front of my air conditioner in my office for 11 hours and then I throw it into the passenger seat of my hot car to go home. My thinking is that the metal weight ring expanded from the sudden tempature change much more rapidly then the plastic around it therefore the plastic gave way under the pressure of the metal ring pressing out against the plastic which was heating up at a slower rate so it wasn’t yet conditioned for the stress of the more rapid expansion of the metal ring.

Does this make sense?

(Sorry for the long, run on sentences.)

It makes sense and sounds like the cause of your problem. The same thing can happen to other products as well, not just a yo-yo. I left a TI-84 in my car when I was in college and it froze over night. The next morning I noticed it on the passenger seat and when I took off the protective cover I found that the screen had cracked.

Plastic is more susceptible to temperature changes, and not just for yo-yos. If you freeze it and then smack it against something it will probably crack, even tough plastics like polycarbonate (The plastic used in the Rally and Yeti).

I would say contact the manufacturers, they may be willing to help you out.

Happened to me as well. Bought a Trigger at a contest. A few weeks later, accidentally hit the ground with it. On a normal metal yoyo, it would have been a ding. On the trigger, it took a good 1cm x .5cm chunk of plastic out of the rim.

I guess you just have to be careful with thin plastic yoyos…

… I’m … Sorry… For your loss…

No really it’s always sad when I read one of these story’s, unfortunately I was (un)lucky enough to experience that exact incident first hand with my friends trigger (I nor he was the one who threw it into the ground) it’s a great yoyo but you have to be really gentle with it.

This has been happening with metal rimmed yoyojams since their creation and many have come to this conclusion

I feel compelled to report OneDrop contacted me today with their apologies and they are replacing my Rally at no charge!

What more could a guy ask for?
Thank you so much OneDrop, you take customer service above and beyond contemporary expectations!