YYJ Plastic cracking...

Mmmmk. SO I got a Mini-Motrix from my gradparents for X-mas.
I haven’t dinged it yet! (WORLD RECORD for me lol)
But today I looked at it while typing my science vocab, and noticed some cracking on it…
What is happening here?

And BTW I just emailed The Nation about it, if that makes any difference lol.

That is the YYJ crack. I have some that have been bad for a long time. They still play good. Heck, Jonbot got a speeder that looks like a spider web. Still plays good too.

Will it eventually just shatter?

It shouldn’t. You would probably have to hit it rather hard on something for that to happen.

Yeah, it feels weird. I must have hit it on something… But I haven’t used it since christmas, litteraly. I flooded the grooves w/ sili, and then Finally ripped it out and played yesterday.,=

That’s the one sucky thing about most YYJ yo’s; it’s the “drive by”/“hit and run” of yo-yo disasters Temperature change over time can cause those yo’s to crack :frowning: It doesn’t look too bad, it’ll still play well like Icthus said and you shouldn’t have to worry about it too much. Just take Apetrunk’s advice and don’t smack it too hard. The only difference I’ve felt from a cracked yo-yo is when I’m doing grinds, it’ll rip out my arm hair hahaha!

The non-celcon plastic YYJ’s tend to crack like that. My guess is that the extreme rim weight from the metal rims puts a lot of stress on the plastic. I’ve heard that the translucent-colored plastics are more prone to cracking, but my Hitman is trans-blue and it doesn’t have the tiniest crack on it.

All things considered, they are durable yoyos. Slight cracks shouldn’t affect play in the slightest and you should just keep playing your YYJ!