Can You Fix This?


I was involved in a BST trade, consisting of a DM1, a SpinFaktor HG for a Meteor. I agreed to this and I got the yoyos today. And both yoyos played extremely well for their age, so I wanted to thumb grind on one of them, and I guess you know which one I decided to use for thumb grinding. When I took the caps off I noticed the crack, at first it didn’t seem that bad, but I looked at it from an angle and it was deep! If anyone can fix this shoot me a PM with the price. It has a Crack that goes through the middle of the nipple, and stops, then another crack goes half way, and stops at the crack that goes through.

Please help!


Help! I have moneyz!!!


I would assume some gorilla glue would work good for this


Not really sure if there’s a fix. I know that pretty much all older YYJ Bimetals do this.

That’s why I figure they moved on to the “Solid Spin Axle”.

But if it comforts you my X-ConVict has been cracked slightly for years and held up even after some pretty bad hits.


There really is no way to fix a crack. You can try putting a little super glue on the line of the crack, but honestly, it won’t do much.

Luckily, cracks rarely effect play, and can take more hits than you think. As long as you’re gentle with it, you should be fine.


What he says. It’s common with a lot of older YYJs, and they generally live a long and productive life in that condition.

p.s. - if your camera or phone has a macro mode, it will improve your close-up pics.


So there’s no way to fix it? Can someone patch it?


Fix OR patch - the answer is pretty much the same. The plastic in them is not readily glueable. The only real option is to drip a solvent like acetone in the crack and hope that it MIGHT form a bond. But there’s the risk of using too much and ruining what you have. Just use it as is. It really has no effect on the yoyo.


I’m gonna try super glue, would that work?



Yoyospirit has a thread where he talked about how brought life back to a beaten dm1, I think. He super glued the cracks and then sanded the plastic smooth.

You could try that and I’m sure that it’ll look better if you do it that way.


it worked surprisingly well, I pushed it together using a Kleenex then I took the cap off the other side and covered the side with the crack, which had left over tissue bits :stuck_out_tongue: lol


YoyoSpirit is my bestie ::slight_smile: lol ill hit him up on Facebook.


Shouldn’t affect play, probably came from screwing the axle in too deep.


yeah it had signs of over tightening.


Probably not. It’s more likely due to stresses caused by unequal expansion or contraction of the metal and plastic. The plastic is constrained by the metal rim. You can’t screw the axle in too deep. The insert is a blind nut. Overtightening older YYJs just loosens the brass insert in the plastic.


Yes you can, it has happened to me on multiple occasions. The insert is something like a helicoil, there’s nothing blocking the back. The axle is screwed into the plastic, which is why overtime, the adjustable gap wears off. Looks like this:


He says it’s cracked, not that the insert is stripped loose.
I stand corrected on the blind nut part.


When you screw the axle in too deep into the plastic, it can crack.


And putting new inserts in does not fix the crack issue.