Cracks in my DM! help!

Ok, so i was just inspecting my yoyo today and I noticed there is a crack in the plastic around the “nipple” thing. Im not sure what thats called but im really concerned about it. Theres a crack on both sides of the yoyo and both are in a “U” shape around the nipple thing. Please help, is it going to fall apart or something. How can i fix this? I dont have the money to buy a new one. ??? :frowning:

Just send an email to with the problem.

It should be fine, this is just a sidafect of many metal rimmed yyj’s. Most still play fine with them, and it shouldn’t have any problems.

Ok, thanks i was really worried about it. So nothing will happen? its not like its gonna bust apart when i do a ripcord or something? :stuck_out_tongue: ???

Most likely, no.

ive got the same problem, but mine isnt vibeing or wobbling.
Is yours?

No, mine isnt wobbling or vibriting unless i make a bad throw.

is there any real technical word for what he calls the nipple of the yoyo?

nope, thats the official name
Got a problem?

Ok, everyone…go ahead and admit it. It has a funny name. :stuck_out_tongue: