5A And What YoYo Can Handle The Most Beating Without Getting A Vibe.

(Connor) #1

I’ll be picking up 5A soon. Was wondering which yoyo you guys think can take the most beating without developing a vibe.


I think most people like to obsess about vibe as a way of finding an excuse to dislike something.

Get any plastic yoyo you want, it will take the beating, and you can complain about all the vibe you want. Then switch to your favorite 1A throw that you like and keep going.


Be careful, though, I had a counterweight collide with my Northstar, and it snapped one half of my Northstar in half.

I like beater metals for 5a, but then again, I don’t give a **** about vibe.

And honestly, playing 5a with a yoyo shouldn’t induce more vibe, I play mine over concrete. I dropped one of mine on said concrete not long ago, and it was still smooth when I picked it up. This was during an aerial, mind you, so it had a bit of height to fall from. Unless you just beat your yoyos to death, don’t worry about it.


All 5A yoyos will end up with vibe, just how it is, mine fall into and out of vibyness. 5A is not for the vibe scared. It’s more of a players devision and less of a collectors. :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Should get a PSG, those things are CRAZY durable:

Smashed to ground tons of times ^

Run over with car ^

Only axle broke, replace axle and spins with zero vibe and still fine.



Yep. And once you’ve destroyed a few yoyos and accept that you’re going to if you play 5a in anything other than a padded room, you kind of stop worrying about it.


You can not escape the fact that you will utterly destroy some yoyos, it is part of the game…or get a ti walker and throw it down the street and only get sparks…fun.

(Connor) #8

Haha Yeah. I’ve somewhat figured it would be inevitable after awhile or so.

Should have phrased it better that I just want something that won’t become vibe crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like like one solution would be to start with something that’s already vibe crazy. :wink:


heh, i sparked my friends ti walker. he LET me, but then he nearly killed me. lol. (5 minutes later hes throwing his gnarwall on the ground to GET RID OF vibe.)

(Connor) #11

5 minutes later hes throwing his gnarwall on the ground to GET RID OF vibe.)
I have done this with various yoyos and had much success on several occasions. Got one DEAD smooth. :smiley:

Anyway, thanks guys! Appreciate the input. If anyone else has suggestions feel free but as far as Im concerned I got my question answered. :slight_smile: