starting 5a

Hi i was about to start 5a with my hitman but the only problem was that i got hesitated because im scared my hitman will get ding…I know that dings are not a huge problem but i just cant make myself throw a 5a yoyo…

Any tips? I really want to start 5a without any hesitation

Oh and i dont have any plastic yoyos and i dont really want to buy a new one just to start 5a…

Thanks for your help !!!

If you’re that worried about it I would just play outside in the grass.

If you’re afraid to ding, don’t be. 5A rarely gives any serious dings. If you’re afraid, do what JM said and play on grass or do what I did and play over carpet. The fear goes away after awhile as you get more advanced and experienced in the style

Just be cautious. I find that if I play on anything other than concrete or tile floors I don’t get dings (an occational flat spot, though).

Also I get just about as many dings playing 5A as 1A.

what i did was this:
I started using a black night over carpet, i threw it over tile once and dinged it, after that i decided to make it a “loved” yoyo. So i used it whenever and wherever over whatever, it has tons of dings but it doesnt matter because i saved up more money and bought one that i hardly drop now.

if it worries you enough, get a sturdy, inexpensive, all plastic yo-yo. freehand zero or kickside come to mind. the kickside, which is celcon, is all but indestructible. if you don’t want to buy a new yo-yo, then run what you brung and just get over your fear. dings happen, and after the first few, you’ll hardly even notice em. a little sandpaper goes a long way with aluminum rims.

check this pic of steve brown buffing out his old main 5a yo-yo (401k epsionage) with a steel file.

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Dings and drops are 100% going to happen in 5A. I drop a few times a day, and It’s my main style.

Like Ed said i would get an inexpensive all plastic yoyo. The hitman is a great 5A yoyo though.

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That is what i am using for 5a, a hitman, Go figure. I also have to add on Carpet floor will save you from alot of dings. ;D

Alright! Thanks all of you guys for your help and tips… i overcome my fear now!!

Thanks again!! ;D ;D ;D

both the kickside and FHZ are my main 5a throws, you will defiantly drop the yoyo so get one of these id you can, other than that play over soft surfaces if your going to use your HM, even if you dropped it on a hard surface it will be able to take quite a beating

I think the matter has been solved, so there’s no need anymore to post here. Plus, this has been stated twice before.