Help with different styles?


I really want to learn new styles of play but I’m scared of what might happen when I’m starting out. for example;
2A: Hitting myself in the face. I’ve done it before and it HURTS.
3A: Dinging my yoyos against each other. This is why some of my yoyos have dings.
4A: Hitting myself and/or breaking something. I almost broke a 50" TV.
5A: Dinging my yoyo with the counterweight or hitting myself with the counterweight. Dice, balls, small plastic figurines, they all hurt.
I want to know a way I could learn these styles without having to worry about whatever I listed above.


First don’t care about dinging your yoyo’s. it’s inevitable might as well have it happen and you learn something awesome. For 4a do it outside. And te only way you can stop hitting yourself is to practice.


it’s fairly unlike you’ll hit yourself in the face learning 2a. Use short string, it’ll be better for both control and avoiding hitting yourself.

For 3a and 5a, you can’t worry about dinging your yoyos. It’s going to happen. Guaranteed. Get something cheap, plastic, or a beater. 2 myy, psg, whatever you want.

For 4a, just do it away from anything breakable. I learned by standing at the foot of my bed with a phenomizm. I covered my bed in pillows so it would land in between them and not roll away and break anything, and just threw it with a slim bearing.


2a- shorter string
3a- plastic yoyo
4a-do outside
5a-rubber ball

(kclejeune) #5

Pretty much this, except for 3a you can buy a set of cheap metals. Sine saw could work, or Werrd Hour, Di Base 2 is a good one. Your options are open.


Considering you have to have 2 it’s not exactly cheap… Magic yoyos maybe…