I cant find that style for me...anyone throw 3a?

I just cannot find the style for myself.

1a- gets boring
2a- never tried it, but I dont like looping
3a- never tried it, could be fun, any comment?
4a- HATE doing whips
5a- fun, but I break things alot

i think 3a if fun i have recently picked it up
fun and frustrating ;D

If you’ve never tried it, then how do you know you don’t like looping?

2a is icredible :wink:

After a couple of months you’re bored with 1A allready? lol, you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with 1A…

Sense this does not make: you haven’t tried it, but you hate it…
I haven’t played 2A, i haven’t tried it because i don’t have a looper except for a duncan bumblebee…
And i can’t even loop right with one hand…
But I think this might be the hardest style to master, thus giving a great amount of satisfaction if you’re getting the hang of it…

If you like 5A stick with it then, play outside ==> nothing to break :wink:

I have recently picked up 3A. Its very fun, and woth it. Though it tends to be frustrating.

If you were to pick up, start of with to cheaper plastics (ie. Protostars or FHZs). Another suggestiong is you want the left hand to be tug responsive; unless you know how to bind. Lastly have fun and keep trying at it, its key to learn some mounts before making up you own tricks.


i can do some pro looping with knots in my string :wink:

I just hate the thin yoyos

on another note, what are some things I can do to keep my 1A alive?

try making combos

1A: Stray away from it and make like half your yo-yo’s other styles or maybe don’t yo-yo for a while.

2A: Looping is really fun and really crowd pleasing when done fast and flowing. I felt so accomplished when I got two loops down with both hands without fail. Try it!

3A: Really cool looking and hard but I think it’s worth it. Start practicing 1A with your left hand.

4A: Don’t knock it till you try it. Not all 4A is whips and it could really help you develop skills to make up 1A body tricks.

5A: Go outside and have more fun.

Trust me. Everybody gets bored with 1A eventually but it’s worth it.

Just check this out and scroll down and you might find something interesting: http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Styles_Of_Play

you can dislike a style without ever trying it. 2a is fun for some and not for others.
A far as 3a, find Eric Tranton’s youtube channel. His 3a amazes even the great Hank Freeman.

Yeah, I already linked that.

13A= stuff broken

How can you not try a style and dislike it. Yo-yoing is all about experimentation.

Seems to me like you just dont like yoyoing.

lol, i only like 2 styles, 1a/5a, and the rain here is zomahgawd horrid

Are you in NH or Mass? Because its rainen hard in NH.

Mass, how’d you know where I would be? :o

You had a getting ready for Mass states video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you in upper mass?