What's that one style (or styles) you just HATE?

I thought thias would be a cool thread to have here.

Basicly, you post that one style you don’t enjoy playing out of all. Then, other people give you tips and encouragement on how to get better at that style, how to make it more fun, etc…

Please, no posts saying “I don’t do this style” or anything like that. You can say that as long as you have a style you don’t like playing in your post, but don’t just say it for no reason.

So, I shall go…

I don’t really like playing 2A at all. Yeah…

4a, i break something every time i try :smiley:


I’m trying to learn it, and it’s not that I HATE it, it’s just INCREDIBLY frustrating, so I hate it right now…

Hate watching but don’t mind playing: 2A! SO REPETITIVE!
Hate playing but love watching: 5A. Just bothers me, doesn’t seem quite natural.

I hate playing 3A. I end up with a huge knot every time.

5A, that counter-weight just ain’t working with me right now. lol. I’ll get it though. :slight_smile:

32a.i always ding my yoyo hard when doing 3a

I may not be good at all types of yoyoing but I don’t hate any of them. Simple reason is I love watching them all. If thats the case then how can I hate one?

I’m with icthus on this one. I may not be the very good at a style, but I can do a bit of them and I kind of like doing them all sometimes.

I don’t hate any of the styles. I just can’t do any of them except 1A.

I never said you couldn’t like all of them. If there’s a specific one you don’t enjoy then post here.

I don’t really think that 3a is very cool-looking, and also can’t do it lol. I’m sure I’ll learn it at some point though…

2a… I can’t loop at all. Not even with one hand… just like 3 times with one.

i love watching 5A but i can’t really do it. Last time i tried it i smacked my lip with the counter weight.

1a:of course
2a:time consuming and you can do it anywhere once you PRACTICE!!! I live doing it in gym
3a:no honestly when i watch it i dont even know what’s going on and I’ve never tried it…
4a:eh…there aren’t enough tricks so it gets old
5a:I got my worst ding from doing a windmill I honestly don’t enjoy this…

IMO…they should have stopped at 2a…

I like yoyoing too much to really hate any part of it.

You don’t like 1A? ???

I agree.

I don’t have style to hate with, But hey dude, Try work hard in Double A if you say you hate and suck at it,

It’s just you and your hands, not the yo-yo. :slight_smile:

5a is hard and confusing imo…hopefully i’ll get good at it. And a Style called MOEBIUS that stuff trips me out :o


This will trip you out!!!

Moebius by Zammy

INFINITUS (Moebius Play) by Zammy


Things That Repeat by Gabriel Lonzono