1a is boring....

So all day today I did mostly hydra/a squared and dual string after reading Zammy’s thread about different styles. Today was my first time experimenting with both of these styles and whole both are difficult they are both extremely fun. Just now I picked up my severe and did normal single string 1a and it wasn’t as fun. There wasnt the challenge that the other styles gave me and I was legitimately bored. I’m not sure to be excited or disappointed that my former favorite style has been replaced so easily. What are you guys’ experienced with new styles and how they affect your view of 1a?

I am no good at 1A, but it’s my best style. I can do a few 4A and 5A tricks. 2A? I can’t loop one handed much less 2 handed yet. 3A is miles away from being considered for attempting. Trying the other styles reminds me how much I don’t know and how much I need to practice!

More power to anyone and everyone on any style from 1-5A and anything else. I’m here to celebrate and enjoy yoyo in all its styles and forms! I even want to use diabolo too, but I don’t want to spend money on one yet. I saw a good starter set for $40. I’d also like to try spin tops but I don’t want to spend more than $20 for one right now

I feel if you have the right attitude and mindset, I think any new skill or style you can acquire can help you in some way towards anything else. Besides, life isn’t that long, although it may not seem that way right now. Might as well enjoy what you’re doing while you’re here!

I’m not sure I understand your last paragraph but I get what your saying with the first two. I think the challenge of hydra is what keeps me from going back to 1a. I just kinda stopped learning tricks and kept doing what I already knew. I think that me being a beginner again is what keeps yoyoing fun for me.

In yoyoing, styles are as hard as you make them. If you can push non-1a styles farther than you can 1a, thats great. But 1a can always become harder depending on the tricks you do. You might try doing some more challanging 1a tricks, have you tried horizantol tricks? All the styles can be hard, but since you a beginner, I think its the start-up difficulty that may be making an impression on you instead of the actual style itself. Like i said, some people can be more creative with one style over another, its just a matter of what one you enjoy most.

I see what you are saying and yes I have tried horizontals. They were a new challenge but they seemed like I was just doing the same tricks but sideways and that they were really nothing new. So I dont know maybe ill come back full force to more conventional yoyoing styles in a while and like them again.

I do seem to do less 1A ever since I got semi-serious at 4A…I also leran 1A slowly, so that may be it.

I get what you mean. When I was overly uninspired in 1A I picked up 3A. I try to mostly focus on 3A these days, but it’s really nice being able to bounce back and forth. As you’re picking up Hydra you’ll find 1A boring and odd. I’m sure you’ll come back to 1A in time, but enjoy these new styles for now.

You’ve hit a plateau in your 1A learning. The only direction you will go with 1A is improvement so there is no rush. Take your time and experiment with other styles to keep yourself amused and entertained.