When to start learning different styles of play?

I’ve been wanting to try out other styles of yoyo lately. Particularly 4A. I don’t know if I’m ready for it though. When do you guys think a player should move on to or try a different style?

Depends on the style. U can start 2a whenever. The rest you need at least a basis of 1a

How about 4A then?

You can learn any style at any time.

1a is helpful in learning some of the other styles, especially 5a.

With 4a just buy yourself a large yoyo, I recommend a Fiesta or Bigyo.

This way, if you don’t favor the styles, you didn’t bust a ton of cash on it.

4a happens to be one of my favorites, I personally think it’s easier to learn than all the other open styles.

I have taught a few friends, basically clueless about 1a, how to throw, catch, and bind a offstring in less than an hour.

One thing you might want to know-

When you begin, your throws will be higher in the air, so you might want to practice outside or in a large room.

As you progress, and master the throw, you can throw it extremely hard and not have it go up in the air to much.

One of the main things is this -

Most people, and some yoyos on here, are cheaply priced ( $15-$17) and they say “great for begginers!”

But they really aren’t, most of the cheaper ones tend to be tiny, and hard to learn on because they are so small.

A few you should not get- Big Ben (Yoyojam) and the Flying Panda, and Hayabusa (Duncans)…

Another thing- you can use a 1a yoyo, but it needs to be responsive. And it will probably break because its not made to be dropped repeatedly…

To sum it up-

Get a offstring such as the Yoyojam Fiesta XX or Bigyo.

Learn the throw and catch in a large space because your going to fling it at a window your first try.

Master it and practice the basic tricks in your living space/room.

Then have fun!

Hope this helps, enjoy 4a, its so fun!

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Don’t wait. Start now. Other styles have so much to offer and you shouldn’t miss out just because 1a is the most popular/the most fundamental.

I landed my first trapeze with a counterweight in my hand. There is nothing wrong with starting 2a-5a first.


I couldn’t land a trapeze unless the counterweight was on the string for some reason. xD

Agreed. I found that other styles can help with 1a, just as 1a helps with other styles.

Yeah all styles kinda help with others I guess it just depends which u choose to do first.

Big help, man! Thanks so much! How about a YYJ Go Big?

I believe if you have played with a Diablo 4a should be very easy for you because it’s very similar when you watch performances of each.

Lol I think I did too. I always thought with a counterweight things were cooler and more advanced, so I used one for the longest time lol

  1. Whenever they want to, or 2) whenever they are hitting a block in their usual style.

EDIT: I did #2. That’s when I found out that I wasn’t a bad 5A player. Yet, it’s also when I figured out that my left hand stunk ( :D).

HAHA. I think that’s the usual case when you’ve been just playing 1A. XD

The go bigs are awesome. I would highly recommend it. If you drop it, it won’t even affect the play, just make the rims look odd.

I had one, it was nice, very nice, but a little small…

But it is great, all of them are…

The Go Big does have a smaller gap for rejection tricks, vs. the Fiesta XX (and some others) are meant  for string tricks (longer spin times… and not as snaggy)…

And the Fiesta XX is VERY durable. Dont expect it to break super easy because it is rubber-less…

but then again, some people easily break theirs, others dont. it all depends on your conditions (Where you live as far as temperature and where you choose to practice)…

But if you have the few extra bucks, the Go Big is amazing. But personally, I would start with a Fiesta XX…

Fiesta- http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/418/YYJ-Fiesta-XX

Go Big- http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/509/YYJ-Go-Big