i need a 4a recommendtion


I want to learn 4a. I am going to keep 1a as my main style, but i wanna learn 4a cuz i think its cool. the problem is, i have no idea what yoyo to get. i have never done it before except with an old responsive throw that sleeps for offstring for about 6 seconds. please help!

(Troy(oyo) #2

I would say almost any ~$20 offstring throw is pretty good. I have used a Fiesta and a Hayabusa and enjoyed both of them.


Yah I’d say a Fiesta or Big Yo to get started and if you want to go to the next step I’d say a GoBig


yea… i think you should look at the fiesta and go big

(Jei Cheetah) #5

bigyos are great for learning thanks to their durability, and thanks to the material, they wont bounce away from you during a drop. Their size makes the learning experience very forgiving and they are something that will take you far as world champions have used it thus proving how far it can be taken.

Awesome throw.


I have a Yoyo Jam Go Big and I love it. But I have only tried one other before this.