YoYoExpert and Ben Conde Proudly Present:


YoYoExpert and Ben Conde proudly present the GO BIG Offstring Tutorial Series!

Also coming to our learn section soon but for now check out the amazing playlist above and start learning!


Couldn’t have a better 4a thrower or person for that matter.


Wooo! I have been waiting for this!


Really well done; I already learned a few things from this. Awesome job




Yes! Thanks. :smiley: Been waiting for these for awhile.


Nice videos. I’m not ready for 4A, but when I do, I’ve downloaded these so they are convenient.

Also, please, one of two things:

Either a wireless lav mic(preferred).
A good boom mic operator who understands yoyo, room ambiance (and how to control it based on the mic’s pattern) and some noise removal.

Room treatment

Lav is the most convenient. Omni pattern condenser is the best! No proximity effect.

(WildCat23) #8

Great vids!

(Jei Cheetah) #9

This is so awesome


Amazing :o


Great vids, but i was wondering what the best yoyo for a beginner 4a person is.





It comes down to preference. There’s the Fiesta XX and the Big Yo, which are the most recommended. A used Aquarius is a good way to go. I’m going to get a Go big soon.

The Big Yo is plastic, bouncy and durable and well, very big. AND very affordable. The big size makes it easy to catch. I can’t confirm this, I have one to help me learn off-string, but I’m not ready for 4A yet.

The Fiesta XX is made of Celcon, easy to bind back and the same price as a Big Yo($22.50?) I have one of these too, but again, I have it so when I’m ready to get into 4A, I’ll have the tools I need.

The Go big is just under $30, making it still very affordable. It has rubber rims which help avoid damage but the yo can sometimes take off when it hits the floor.

I can’t see how either of those three would be a bad starting point.


I am going to love this ;D


Can’t say thanks enough. C=


I love these tutorials and I hope this means more 1a tutorials coming from some one else on YYJ

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Good,now lets have Hank to do 3a tutorials. ;D


Hahah that would be awesome.




Exactly what I thought when i heard Ben Conde was doing the 4a tutorials.