Big Yo: Should I get it?

Hey guys I’m just wondering if I should get the Big Yo because I noticed they restocked here on yye. Im actually going to start offstring with this yoyo because Im bored of 1a and 5a. But anyway has anyone here tried it so they can give me some feedback? Because I think the Aquarius last chance is still around and there’s the Offstring by yoyofactory.

I say go for it! I learned 4A from a Bigyo, and, although I didn’t put much time into 4A, I found the tricks very easy with the Bigyo. It’s excellent for 4A beginners. The aquarius is more expensive now, and the Offstring met very mixed reviews. I say Bigyo.

Well I’ll be getting mine in a couple of days, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it. If you can get it, it’ll be just wonderful. The others might be good too though. Most of them are great, considering they were made for 4a.

Dude BigYo’s rock! I miss mine like crazy; we were playing catch with it about 100 feet apart and the guy I tossed it to missed the catch and the yo-yo crack. The thing rocks though, you can do bounces with the yo-yo that any other offstring yo-yo couldn’t do because of their soft rubber rims (which make them take off like a R/C car when they hit the ground or stage) and they (as the name says) are BIG and are easy to learn tricks like regens and whips on.

It will be a good one to get you some experience, I’d say the investment is well worth it, and if I had some extra cash I’d get one too, but I’m raising funds so I can eat when I go to nationals (oh, the sacrifices we make…)

Hope my endorsement helps :wink:

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Alright thanks guys I think I convinced my dad to get me one. Well I hope so!

id say get it

I have the offsting and my brother has the Big Yo. We have both agreed that the offstring is better at offstring performance. the only problem about the offstring since the axles that keep the caps on are plastic they break and mine broke when I missed a catch. So if you do get it over the Big Yo which i higly recommend, you should glue on the caps. The main reason why the offstring is better for offstring, is its name ;D ;D, shape and weight and the tapered gap instead of o-ring. And when i say shape and weight I am not being byassed (i have no idea how to spell that) it just better for actually catching the string tell me if that helps.


It sounds like you are being pretty biased. Many people like the BigYo much more than the Offstring. (By the way, haha. It’s name…ha that made me laugh (in a good way)).

I just got my Bigyo two days ago, and I love it. You really should get it.

Its So hard not to be BIASED

Yeah, it is. Maybe mention what you like about the BigYo?

Haha, I know, right?