4A throws

Can anyone link different 4a throws? And if anyone has a link for a tutorial of the throw where you just throw and down and pull it back up and catch on the string, that would be great!

The trick your looking for, I think, is the brain twister mount. Video in the learn section.

Some different 4a Throws… What do you consider as different, Ones that you don’t hear of often?

Adegle Roc, C3 Solar+ (my personal favorite), God Tricks Windforce, Shinwoo Griffin wing, Shinwoo ProWing.

big yo
go big
big ben
fiesta xx



japan tech
ashiru kamui
ashiru kamui light

flying panda


god tricks

griffin wing
pro wing

xodus II


pocket change

That enough, or need I list more?

and I’m not sure what trick you’re talking about, but check yye’s learn section. ben conde did a series of 4a tutorials


no problem. :slight_smile:
I forgot a few though, henry yoyo makers the viper, and the viper neo. I’m sure there are others as well.

If you want a very “different” 4a throw look up aero-yo’s turbofly great throw and only stacked 4a I know of, besides viper flux. As for the trick your talking about their’s the brain twister mount where you throw the yoyo downwards over your left hand and pull the string out to catch it. Their’s also a throw where you throw a normal sleeper and wait till the yoyo nearly reaches the end of the string, and pull it out quickly the faster you pull out the higher the yoyo will go. From there you quickly catch it. That mount is more difficult and requires more time to learn, but it’s a great way to impress others haha

Yeah, the one you described was what I was wanting, thanks! I’ll check out the viper too.

this is my 3rd day on playing 5a and i can only do pinwheels, 360, and 720. But dynikus told me to try also 4a. As soon as my monthly allowance arrive I definitely gonna buy a yoyo for 4a playing and try it too, and then decide where I will enjoy the most. But I have no idea what should I buy. I want a yoyo that can withstand strong impact cause I expect the yoyo to fall since I’m just a beginner haha.

Well I’m not an expert either, but I would highly suggest the go big. The rubber runs prevent any damage that might happen and it gives strong binds also

And I will try go big haha, I can only buy 4a yoyos under yoyojam.

You can only buy 4A from YYJ? Why is this?

In my experience all my YYJ yoyos have been garbage compared to other throws. It may just be me but I would really go for something delrin rather than plastic or rubber.

sad to tell but no other brands except for yoyojam, and I’m not sure if they still have Duncan hayabusa.

I think he’s trying to say that YYE only has yoyojam off strings. However, you could check out the BST.

the shop where I buy yoyos here in my country only have YYJ for 4a and I’m not sure if they still have Duncan hayabusa hahahaha

Ah fair enough that makes sense. Luckily Go Big is YYJ so try for that, the rubber rims help a lot whilst learning.

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I’ve been seeing some yyj hate lately, not really sure why. The fiesta xx and go big are easily the best throws for anyone starting 4a, due to price and performance. They’re still good even for more advanced 4a players.
Of course delrin throws like the milkshake or kamui or roc are going to play a little better, but they’re also atleast 3x the price.

which one is most durable between fiesta xx and go big? hahaha. I know when I start 4a Imma always drop my yoyo, so I was looking for a yoyo with more durability feature. hahaha

either will work fine, they’re both incredibly durable. It just depends on what you’re looking for
the fiesta xx comes stock with a normal c sized bearing, which makes it good for more technical string tricks, but it’s less responsive than the go big, which makes it worse for crazy binds/catches like ben conde does. the go big comes stock with a slim bearing.

If I had to pick one that was more durable though, I would guess the go big, just due to the massive rubber rims.
watch that, should give you an idea on different yyj offstrings

I originally started with the fiesta and now I have a go big, I think the go big is better because of the rims, and also the heavier weight makes it easier to control.

What string is Conde using in the videos? It looks super thick to me.