what is the best 4a yoyo

i love 4a yoyoing but all i have is a big yo. are there any other great 4a yoyos that have long spintimes and are good for fast tricks?

They’re all just different. You can try others, but the BigYo is fine.


YoYoJam Aquarius (It’s discontinued, But I think you can buy the at B.S.T, Or at www.YoYoNation.com, Before when it Isn’t discontinued, IT was 22$, but now Yoyonation.com, Add the price for the Last Chance that you can buy a Aquarius for now 39$)

I have one, And it really plays great! :smiley:

Or Duncan Hayabusa (I go for the “SL” Version, Which means “Soft Landing” :)) 22$ Only. :slight_smile:

I’ve try to play it, And it plays good also.

BigYo’s Are also great! (IMO, In “Tech” Offstring playing)

But in Aquarius or Hayabusa, I go for Aquarius.

Hope it Helps! :slight_smile:


As Apetrunk said, the Bigyo is fine. I might recommend waiting for the new Offstring yoyo coming out for YYJ that is replacing the Aquarius.

That statement is based on nothing but a single ruomor and you know it.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is hype. Mage expects that the new YYJ offstring model will be great even though there’s no reviews and not even a single picture. There might be a LONG time before it gets released as well.

@ Baileyatg: Consider a Hayabusa or a yoyo not meant for 4a (a regular plastic beater or maybe even a metal).

Not to hijack the thread, but I can say it’s pretty confirmed by YYJ that they ARE working on a replacement. Now how long that may take or if it makes it into production is a different question, but have no doubts about it’s theoretical existence, if that makes sense.

I heard that it’s going to be Bryan Figueroa’s signature yo-yo. :o

I know that they are going to make one, but there’s no guarantee for it’s quality. I guess I phrased myself wrong there.

Good point, that makes more sense. I read it wrong too.

You can’t go wrong with a Duncan Flying Panda. It’s a great begginers 4a yoyo that WILL grow with you as you learn.

I really like BigYos and DMs.

I recommend the F.A.S.T. Offstring. It has great spin times, bounces really well, and feels nice in your hand. Aquarius is good too, I just don’t like the feel of it.

But if you are looking for techy play, hayabusa. Not recommended if you are a beginner though.

Warning: Fast Offstring’s rubber gets dirtied/scratched/destroyed easily.

Bigyo’s are the awesome though, they are really easy to launch IMO, because of the grabbiness of the response, it makes it easy to jerk last minute to get your yoyo launched high. (breakaway and sleeper launching)(no guarantee that you will be able to do them, takes practice.)

you can get a hayabusa and a offstring is great like rsmod said
bigyos are BIG!

Well, you’ve got lots of yo-yos that are good for 4a.

Duncan has the Flying Panda and Hayabusa. YoYoJam has the Aquarius and BigYo2. YoYoFactory has the F.A.S.T Offstring. There’s also the Yomega Xodus, Henry’s Viper, Shinwoo ZanNavi and Griffin Wing, and many more.

If you’re looking for one that’s good for fast tricks, then take a look at the Aquarius, or maybe the Henry’s Viper. I haven’t tried any of them, but these two should be great for fast, tech 4a because of their slim widths. BigYo2s are large, and depending on your hands, might not be the best for fast 4a.

As Pheenix said, try using a yo-yo not meant for 4a. Usually a plastic beater yo-yo works fine. If you want to, you can go ahead and use a metal-rimmed or metal yo-yo; just like what Andre does in Operation Dark Magic 2:


I’m not saying it’s going to be great. Just that it may be interesting to try out since he already knows how to 4a somewhat and has a bigyo.

WOW i hate it when ppl ask what’s the BEST. there is no BEST and there never will be. every body has their own preferences look around try some out and you’ll find a BEST for you

I agree completely, it’s a great yoyo. Either that, or an Xodus II from yomega.

i use an 888 and its great