4a yoyoers thread! Come talk 4a


This is the 4a throwers thread! Just talk about whatever 4a :).

I’m getting a Go-Big today! Going to learn “Guess I Got My Swagga Back” :).


Hmm… are you a beginner? because that trick is quite advanced. Anyways back to the thread, I’ve started to learn 4a and I’m also learning 2a when I want to have a break. I can do a regular 4a throw, barrel rolls, snap start, toss and catch and suicide (kind of.)


I can do whip and sometimes behind the back orbits


I’m not a 4a thrower… but I’m a little sad(should be grateful tho, ik this cause i got two yos) that i went to Wizard’s Chest
and saw 4a throws-Go Big, and Equinox… Asked mom. She said noooooooo stick with one thing…
._. I should be grateful tho…


I get that even when I order with my own money :). But in grateful too :). Just wish I could have throws for all styles of play ;).

I am Begginer but I have learned some hard tricks. I’m using a Silicone recessed, small gap mod, modded Panda. It was free and i LOVE IT! The hardest I can do is the one handed bind regen.


I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with my hayabusa, so much that I ordered a Fiesta XX to take me farther. It’s on its way to me right now. When I get it I’ll tell you guys what I think of it.


Never mind, the UPS man drove by my house today without the package! >:(.


you gotta have a lot of patience learning 4A

My fiesta is always running away from me :’(


Try using a panda. :wink:


So is my Go Big… I wish it could really go bigger so I could catch it easier but I don’t think it would be playable on stage especially body tricks :frowning:


A Big Yo is huge, try that one :). Just got my Go Big! It rocks :slight_smile:

 So, my fiesta xx came today and it's AWESOME. Only problem is that the binds felt a bit weird at first, but I quickly adjusted to that.

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I’ve owned everything from griffin wings to a zro. My favorites are go big and ReXtreme. You don’t need a $150 4a throw to go big.


I can do a little bit of 4a and I’m working on Regens. I’ve done most of YYE’s offstring tutorials (mostly Ben Conde’s tutorials) with the ‘Big Yo’. I tried a little bit with the Grind Machine but the response pads are too far into the yo yo, so do you think I’d have to use some silicone? How are the ‘Go Big’ and the ‘Flying Panda’ for most offstring tricks (technical, regens, spin time)?


I had a GO Big … I don’t like the fiesta … anyone wanna trade for a go big? lol

btw what string do you guys use? Cus my fiesta does not like to bind


I have a B-Grade Go Big, ill sell it cheap, PM me


Get a Big Ben, its a 1A throw that can be used for 4A


Ok here is the answer.
The fiesta Is not meant for regens, it’s meant for string tricks (4a)
The go big is meant for regens and spin times.
The flying panda is good for regens if you mod it and good for string tricks if you out the mod back to normal.


I’ve been doing 4A since 2002 (accidentally learned the style after the string on my wooden bc apollo broke and i still caught it), currently using only hayabusa’s to practice the tutorials by ben conde here (ghost whip FTW!). I’ve also used the aquarius, flying panda and xodius II (which was by far the worst 4A throw i’ve ever used and will not get another).

The hardest trick i’m working on right now behind the back catches (the one where you rotate 180 degree’s after each catch… so hard for a big guy like me to do).


I’m a in the middle of intermediate on Ben Conde’s tutorials.