I just started offstring so far I am doing good. How long have you done offstring and how good are you. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

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Eh, I’m good enough for me.

That’s all that matters.

If I’m having fun, I’m set.

I started 2 weeks ago.

Some time ago and not very good.

Few months I’m alright.

Offstring is all about fun!

Not too many people do 4a. I would be surprised to see anyone post on here saying that they’re good at 4a. So that being said, who here is good at 4a? Who thinks that they are above average? Sometimes it’s hard to say that you’re good at something, especially when there are people that are better than you.

heh all i can do is hand start and barrel rolls :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m learning (decided I was just going to do 4A this year, or at least mainly 4A) the Hayabusa SL is a good starting point. It comes with everything you need to make the yoyo as responsive as needed or as unresponsive, so you can do things to your preference. But I recently decided I wanted something a bit better and I asked around and the Go Big was what I ended up choosing and I’ll be getting it sometime soon :slight_smile:

I hope that helped :smiley: also we need more people doing 4A tuts :smiley: that’d be pretty dope :slight_smile: cause it’s such a fun style. But there’s so much chasing the yoyo… >.> :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if I’m really good or not. I have fun though, and that’s all that really matters unless I’m competing. 4a to me is probably the funnest style of play. As such I have a lot of offstring yoyos, and some day hope to have a kamui or rera.

Of the stuff you listed, the go big is probably my favourite. But my current favourite is the milk shake.

Both my roommate and I just started and we both, stupidly, got fiestas. I say stupidly because it is somewhat hard to learn on IMO. Being solid plastic it doesn’t boune like the go big. Also, now this may be a lack of knowledge on my part, but I don’t really like the small bearing it uses. I plan to try to get a go big or possibly a bit more expensive than that in the near future.

I think I’m pretty good! :wink:

I can do leg/arm orbits, whip catch, reverse whip catch (harder), regens, (working on those) and many more.

Man Ben Conde is helpful.

I started in February of this year.

I’m not very good.

I don’t practice it very much.

Fiesta XX is my favorite offstring.

It uses a regular c sized bearing…

I found the Fiesta XX to be easy to learn on. I actually started with an Aquarius, which I think is smaller.

The Fiesta XX uses a full sized YYJ Speed Bearing, which is a C-sized bearing. A good portion of it is covered by the area the bearing sits inside the yoyo. I actually prefer the Fiesta XX over the Go Big. To each their own, as it’s all about preferences.

I started 2 years ago, I think? Maybe 3. I’m fairly decent, I can do regens, Star, whip Catches, Flop, and some more. I started with an OG fiesta…which I recently lost at College ); Need a new one, but I don’t like the XX as much. I am very sad…My Aquarius does nicely, as well as My Big Yo.

OG Fiesta does have a small bearing, slightly bigger than the Aqua’s, so it’s great for regens.

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Just ordered a YYJ go big. From what I have seen it looks pretty good.

I not very good a 4a although my favorite 4a throw right now is a clyw chief or a ti5

Ben Conde had Go Bigs at SCR. They were really awesome. I would highly suggest getting them.
I don’t recomend the Flying Panda or Hayabusa. Very snaggy yoyos. They like to grab on the the your string and are crafty when making knots…

Good job!

Why would you use a clyw chief or a ti5?

Assuming a joke?

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