what should i learn first?

hello everyone, im new here, but i am definitly not new to yoyoing. i feel confident enough to learn a new style of play, but i dont know which one to learn-4a or 5a. can anyone help me choose? thanks in advance

Realy, It’s up to you. But yeah, it’s a hard decision. But I’ll have to go with offstring, because you don’t need more than 21$ to offsting. The top of the line is an aquarious or a big yo. Unless you want a metal yoyo like a DNA for it but to me that is just yoyo killing and a waste of $.

You don’t need money to start 5a though.

Yeah, just do it with your Dark Magic, find an eraser around your house and tie the splitknot around it and you have a 5A yoyo.

Yes, 5a is even cheaper because all you have to buy is a counterweight. 4a is fun, but I learned 5a first and then got a 4a yo-yo.

If you want something that’s very much like 1A, pick up 5A. The only big thing you need is to learn how to use a counterweight. If you want something new, pick up 4A. It’s really fun, and I recommend it.

You don’t even need a new yoyo for 4a. I’ve used my Spinfaktor HG and Dark Magic both for it and it works well. Make sure to do it on carpet or grass if you use metal rims but I think it helps a ton on getting the catch down. Once you can do it consistently on that, you have no problems on a real 4a yoyo. Same with 5a, except that you don’t need to learn how to catch it, you just have to learn to control the counterweight and the yoyo at the same time.

well i think it is up to you counter weights are kinda cheap. But offstring is fun i think, im leaning to to offstring because if you have friends who yoyo you can actually yoyo with them, like throw the yoyo back and forth and catching it. Thats really fun, freehand is also fun i mean you will discover alot of tricks and it also can be fun, but if i had to make a decision between them i would pick offstring.

4A all the way! but thats just my opinoin!

Also, for 5A i just took some normal house hold dice and used some electrical tape to secure them and then just put the finger loop around them and hold them on with rubber bands. But the eraser idea sounds a lot better. Hahahaha

Try not to double post please. Thanks :wink:

Oh yeah what am I thinking I thought he didn’t have a yoyo. Im kinda dull in the brain sometimes, sorry. lol. :-[

I say start both!

4A. A lot easier than 5A, in my opinion, of course! :wink:

Ultimate truth here. What can keep you from starting both?

I learned 5A first, and am glad that I did, too. And besides, you don’t need a new yoyo to start 5A. ;D

You don’t need a new yoyo for 4A either. :stuck_out_tongue:

cant do do 4a with any yoyo
i do it with my dm

Punctuation. Not sure if you’re asking or what.

Yeah, you can do 4a with just about any yoyo also.

No, it will be almost impossible to return on an unresponsive yoyo. I’ve tried it on many unresponsive yoyos, and it is impossible to return.

5A is my preference, but start both and continue with the one you prefer!