Best yoyos to START learning counterwieght with?

Im thinking maybe the duncan freehand? But i literally know nothing about counterweight. Price point doesnt really matter because i figure if i want to get good ill probably end up buying a bunch of em for fun anyways haha

EDIT: Probably should add that i already know a good bit of 1a play :stuck_out_tongue:

I know almost nothing about cw, but why not consider a yyj pinnacle?
It is really cheap and comes with a counter weight, but can also do 1a unresponsive. Just a thought.

For a start: Heavy yoyos are the best for 5a.

I don’t think you will have much luck learning 5a with a FH0 unless you make it unresponsive.

You really do not want a responsive 5a yoyo.

Why not use your own yoyos and but a CW?

Can you list your heaviest yoyos? Plastic is preferred for beginner 5a.

I started with a FH2 and an OG SpinFaktor.

I used a Protostar to start with, and I still use it. I would start with a light, plastic yoyo that you don’t really care about dinging up.

It really depends on what you like and want to use and want to spend.

If you want to go cheap, a FH2 or Freakhand with a cleaned bearing is a nice cheap start. I cleaned out the bearings in mine and the went full unresponsivie. At under $15 usually, these are good way to go. The Metal Drifter, when the bearing is properly cleaned, also goes dead unresponsive, is all metal and around $20-25 or so. Metal isn’t the best way to go when learning 5A though but the Metal Drifter is cheap enough to not have to care about.

The FHZ is another CW-oriented yoyo, but I find that stock it’s not so hot but it includes CW’s.

I found the YYJ Pinnacle to just not be weighted properly for me, but as a 5A package, it’s pretty decent, it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I upgraded to the Destiny and I’ve been super pleased. I think the Destiny weighs less than the Pinnacle, but due to how it’s weighted, it feels heavier and plays a lot better in my experience.

The Classic is a pretty decent model, just use a C bearing and and the CW of your choice and you’re done. Other YYJ models you can just add a CW to and get going I’d say would be the Legacy II and DM2. I think even the Vexed would be good too. The Duncan CW kit works just fine and I like the bouncy ball CW. The Takeshi dice is nice too.

There’s loads of other great stuff to learn 5A with. The stackless Grind Machine is a good one too.

I just recommend PLASTIC for getting started. Mostly due to durability and resistances to dings and nicks, as well as less cost. You’re gonna drop it a lot, so just get used to it.

I used the PGM to start, but the Classic, and Metal Drifter sound good.

The counter attack is nice. It’s heavy and has a good shape for 5a or at least I think it does

Yyj destiny, yyf genesis, MMYY N9, light up or cyclon Duncan fhz. Just to name a few

Something that is very easily replaceable because of the never ending amount of dings that will occur.

A protostar is a nice choice. Also a lot of the Magic Yoyo brand is good to start learning 5A with.

Good luck!

What, no love for the Die-Nasty?

Any of the stars.

Preferably proto/northstar.

I actually already own a classic with a one drop Bearing and flowable in it (very unresponsive). So just throw a counter weight on and that’s a good starting point?

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YES! Ive seen some people even compete with that setup!

Any yoyo have that you do not want to hurt. And feels comfortable.

Start with a plastic for sure! You will destroy your knuckles. Once you are comfortable, any 1a yoyo will work.

I don’t think I’d hesitate to recommend that combination. I’m planning on doing that myself. I think I may pick up one at a nearby store this weekend if I’m there just for setting it up for 5A for a trip I’m going to take and maybe leave my Destiny at home.

Of course you wouldn’t, your a classic fan.

anythin’ recommended by steve brown :slight_smile:

i don’t 5a all that well - i only do a few tricks. however, i have counterweights on all my yo yos. partly cause it’s nice to have the option to 5a if i want to. and i get tired of the slip knot…i’m lazy that way.

i think it depends on your style and/or interpretation of 5a play, mostly. personally, i like heavier, wide’ish, compact yo yos - w/ a light counterweight. i feel like it helps me whip the cw around, if i have to…instead of havin’ it just die on me.

lastly, whatever you decide to get…expect it to get dinged.


light rain…

I think yoyos shaped like die nasty 888 DNA Canvas (not specifically this throws) are good for 5a