What should i learn first?

Help me choose which style to learn first.

They are two completely different styles so its really up to you.

I found that after trying 5a it made me slightly better at 1a

you should learn 4A. Lots of fun.

i agree with 8pints, learning 5A after 1A makes you a better 1A player for sure

I love 4a i think it allows you have great control for string tricks and such…but thats just me

i love 4a its fun to do ;D

IMO, 4a is easier to learn, but 5a is great after getting a strong foundation of 1a.

Have Fun Throwing,

I go for 4a :wink:


These are both great styles. Off-String is probably the most impressive. Counterweight/Freehand indeed will improve your 1a skills. If you already know 1a, 5a will be a breeze for you. I learned all the styles around the same time. This depends on personal preference.

To be good at any other style other than 1A, you have to be pretty good at 1A first.

This is not completely true. You can learn looping and off string without knowing any 1a. I learned 4a first.

I learned 2a first… just to loop, then 4a then 1a… then 5a…

5A cause youwill get better at 1a like every else said but you chould learn 1a first IMO LOL