How to start

Hi, i dont know if this is teh right forum place to ask, but can u give me some tips ideas how to start 5a yoyoing? i started it a few days ago and its pretty funny nd it looks like u need more practice to get the 5a tricks down then in 1a.
ok could probably be as it was back when i startet 1a as u need first the basics and when u get them down u can practice better
So if anyone has some tips to spare i would thank it a lot

PS: sry for my bad englosh hope u understand what i mean


Just go to the 5a section of the Learn section on this sight.

yeah that is pretty standard but i want to know some tips like hwat helps for practicing what not to do or this will be a bad habbit etc

I don’t think are really bad habits, maybe holding the yoyo an unpracticle way, but Andre talks enough about that in his “How to hold a counterweight” video. Other than that, I don’t reccomand using a die, it won’t ding your yoyo, but it will hurt like heck when you repeatidly hit your knuckles with it. Practicing is pretty much the same. Except it may help in some sitchuations to just move the counterweight physically with your hand instead of swinging it, just to get an understanding of the trick. One more thing, don’t practice near anything fragile… if it can break it will. The best place is a isolated room with heavily padded walls, floor, and ceiling, but i doubt you have one. In which case your best option is your basemant, or outside. Hope this helps.  :wink:

Watch where you yoyo. There’s a high chance of breaking a window or lamp or something because of the nature of the style. Also, try starting out with a yoyo you don’t mind dropping.

As long as you have a good counterweight, and a place where you’re not likely to break something, then you’ll be fine. And try to get a feel for throwing a yoyo with a counterweight first, so you can have an easier time learning tricks. And your English is pretty good compared to my German.