5a tips needed :o

Hey I started 5a recently no I have been on nd off about it I recently got more into it since I landed. Reverse 360 nd came up wit this cool thng… But I have found a few problems tht make “scared” of it

  1. Dropping dice
    2.dropping yoyo nd dice
    3dice hitting yoyo
    Some questions tht i also have
    should I throw dice wen rotating ( like in a 360)or let yoyo push it?
    Is ther a certain way to perform these tricks wit the least amount of fault?
    Is ther a certain trick to better control the dice ( like with 1a pushing on the string helps catch yoyo onto mounts rather thn pinching nd throwing yoyo onto string)
    Wat are a some toys good for 5a? And any other tip u can thnk of :smiley:

Dropping your yoyo/die, and having the die hit your yoyo will happen. A lot. get used to it.
Not sure how to answer your other questions though, I don’t actually 5a very often. What do you mean by toys though, like good toys that you can use as counterweights?

Whoops typo the toys part wasn’t supposed to b ther …silly spell check XD thnk u I’ll do my best Xp

Shop around and find some decent bouncy balls, I started off using a small plastic die and hated 5a, then I found a pretty hefty bouncy ball, it was heavy enough to not get tugged around by the yoyo but light enough to be nimble in the air. On the plus side as well, it’s a rubber ball, if it hits the yoyo it will make no sound, leave no marks and also be a little be easier on the knuckles when you judge a catch wrong.