5A dice vs. bouncy ball?

Doesn’t it hurt when the dice whacks the back of your hand or anything else? It’s the reason I’ve always used a bouncy ball. I suppose the advantage to dice is that the friction is less when it comes into contact with the yo-yo (accidentally or intentionally). Do most players eventually move on to dice?

I’m just getting back into 5A and am working on Bee Sting. At this point the painful disadvantage of dice is way too much. I’m very curious about your opinions, experience, and advice.

I like the bouncy ball, but the dice is cooler, and you can buy light up ones.

Well, if you rebound correctly then dice won’t f your hands up. I like dice best because they feel better in my hand. I like the cubic shape. I hate bouncy balls because over the years I have developed the habit of biting my fingernails (which I’m trying to quit; I have joined finger-biters anonymous, and it’s going well!) and the dog-gone bouncy balls leave that nasty rubber taste on my hands. Not only does this make me gag while finger-bitin’, it also leaves a nasty taste on anything that I might want to eat and I hate the smell.

Overall, the dice are better. Better colors, better taste, live better, Walmart.

Haha, the responses you would never expect! I assure you there are better bouncy balls that don’t smell or taste like those cheap ones and that don’t get torn by the string like them either.

Btw you mentioned Walmart for dice. Five Below has a dice bin, at least the one near my house.

Edit and afterthoughts: But can you rebound correctly and catch the CW correctly every time? Seems like the slip-ups would cost you dearly. Also it sounds like you found a great way to quit finger biting; cheap bouncy balls for 5A!

Dice. Takeshi Dice preferably.

Still use a red bouncy ball every now and then.

I use the duncan dice. They just work best for me. I don’t like the bouncy ball because they catch the yoyo and cause crazy knots.

Lego dice are the way to go. Rubber edges and customizable

It depends on what I am throwing at the time. The rubber ball is heavier, so when I throw my GN Phoenix (which is 72g), I use that. But, when I am using a lighter yoyo (Drop Bear, Replay Metal, etc.) the dice works better.

Hard plastic counterweights are just easier to work with. They’re more consistent on rebounds, are easier to hold and catch, and don’t kill the spin of the yoyo when the counterweight and yoyo touch. Once you get a little more comfortable with 5a, you might find yourself switching to a die.

This is why I use die.

I like dice.

Because its better performing.

i have a weird 5a setup, which i refer to as the “poor man takeshi dice”

you will need

-a dice counterweight
-any small bearing yoyo spacer
-a yoyo
-the place you practice 5a

step 1:cut your string a couple inches longer than your appropriate length
step 2: tie a knot so the string does not fray
step 3:thread the string through the spacer and tie a few knots so it doesn’t detach
step 4: slide the string through the hole in the counterweight
step 5:go do 5a :slight_smile:

bearing loaded dice

I just purchased my first counterweight, a YYJ Dice, to give 5a a try. Anyone know if 5a has a community as large as 1a? (How many players conpared in each catagory)

5A is the second largest division, but pale in comparison too 1A, as far as how many people play.

Most plays s use dice, but there are also players like Ryan Gee who’s style benefits from using a ball cw. Also for players who do “bounce” tricks like Makoto Numagami.

4A is pretty significantly in front of 5A at this point and 3A may have passed it too.

Sad but true. Competition wise, anyway.

I think that a lot of people can do 5A, but not really that many people compete in it.