Why Dice?

For 5a why does everybody use dice? Is there something special about it? Or is there something in 5a’s history that I don’t know about?


Well when I started 5a I would use the Rubber Ball so I wouldn’t damage my yoyos, but after a while I cared less but the condition of my yoyos and I have to say I enjoy the Dice much more. But that’s just me.

-They are easier to handle in the hand
-They don’t make your yoyo vibe if the counterweight strikes the yoyo
-They rebound better and more accurately if you know what you’re doing (Also, if you know what you’re doing, they don’t hurt)
-They look better
-Dice grinds
-Standardized weights that balance better with yoyos
-Potential bearings

Really the list goes on and on. Dice are superior in almost every way, except if you’re a beginner who is afraid to hurt their hands.

I always preferred the little foamish balls that came in the 5 pack of Duncan counterweights over any of the dice just because I would always loose control of the dice and they would propel themselves into some sort of nearby chinaware.

because people would rather handle dice as opposed to balls…


so im not the only one that has broken things with my counter weight

I have the skull counterweight from the Metal Drifter so I don’t have dice. I would prefer to have a rubber ball though.


Did you really… lol
Either that or mind is still twelve apparently.
Also, dice were what the style was created on, so it makes sense that the legacy lived on through the years.

or if you don’t like how light they are.

or if you prefer balls…

I can’t



Well since Duncan has put a patent on counterweights they don’t have to think of new more stylish designs. I truly believe that if there was no patent that many more brands would create amazing things to make 5a even more revolutionary.

YoyoJam does have those Takeshi dice

Jake made some awesome CWs out of this special foam. Maybe we will see those in the future. (Yeah unless Duncan is a total a** about it)

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I simply like the look of the dice.

Same. Especially those trans red dice, oooohhhh.

like the one u threw into a plant :stuck_out_tongue:

Dropped :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one of the old stardust translucent red dice that I drilled a hole into… Little did I know it was made of Bakelite… But hey! I’ve got a cool counterweight XC