What's your favorite counterweight?

I searched for this, but I couldn’t find any topics on this.

I’m using a Duncan skull counterweight and it’s too light for me. So I looking for something different.

Has anyone ever used another yo yo for a counterweight? i.e. maybe a Mighty Flea or a Popster.

I just tried to use my CU as a counter weight. EIGHT FEET AWAY I CAN SMELL SULFUR

I love using a bouncy ball as a counterweight actually. And i play 5a with my lyn fury does that count?

I just use duncan dice.

I wouldn’t recommend using a yoyo as a cw. Your average throw is around 4-5 times heavier than a duncan cw. even the mighty flea is like 50 or so grams, while a duncan cw is 13 or 14.
maybe try using game dice? I think each one is 5g. so try using 3 or 4 (If you want to do this, just put the die in a vice, and drill out a hole. I like to use the same size bit as one of the dots, and go in through the 1/6)

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Chessex Pound-o-Dice edition D12 and D6.

Ducan yellow ball

I like my YYF spin top button.

Duncan dice. don’t say anything else, and nobody gets hurt.

I’m gonna try the Duncan dice!!!

I really enjoy dice and the squirrel head but have been using a Yellow bouncy ball as of late. I like that it is heavier which translates into it being slower allowing me to actually catch the CW. I just started 5a like two weeks ago…practiced about 24hours haha.

bouncy ball and dice

i have used a shinwoo techno as a counterweight before, but that didnt go too well so i just stick to dice and character heads.

I personally can only use Duncan Dice. Spintop Buttons for my Protostars and Northstars though.

O.K. dumb question: What’s a Spintop Button?

it’s just a red ball.

Cool! Are they heavier than a Duncan Dice?

They are. They weigh about as much as a duncan yellow bouncy ball.

Personally, I use my own home made bearingized counterweights. Nothing like using one of your own creations…

I ordered some bearings from the guy who sells the Terrapin X stuff. Not to try to push something or try to compete with offerings here, but these are some great bearings at fantastic prices.

Anyhow, my point is he makes these die counterweights. Pretty awesome. I’m not ready for 5A play, but when I do, well, it will be ready for me. Over-sized 6-sized rounded edge die with the 1 dot drilled out and some sort of simple bearing epoxied in. It’s some very good work though.

Personally, I’d prefer a blue colored ball, but done up like this die is done. I’m drying to make sure all my yoyos are blue.

Ideally, my objectives in 5A is to use it in a show as part of a scene change part with a guy doing poi type juggling. I want to have a light-up or glowing yoyo for this section as well as a glowing counter weight. Want to try to get someone who can do 4A get glowing string and a light-up 4A yoyo.

Well then pick up a light up FHZ and light up Die when they drop. Soon.