Favorite Counter Weight

What’s your favorite counter weight for 5A?
For me my favorite is my Red dice cause it looks good with my Severe :slight_smile:

Throw Monkey Counterweight because it goes well my Throw Monkey. :stuck_out_tongue:


i never bothered to buy a fhz or something so i just use these things that go on screws

i used the beeper part of a keychain once.

yellow duncan ball

rice rocket clear die

Duncan Dice are my favorite…

I make my own home-made CW; light but easy to get around.

an acorn

My blue caribeaner. I don’t play 5a much, though.

When I do throw some 5A, which isn’t alot, I use a yellow Duncan bouncy ball.

I use a little glow in the dark rubber alien

Duncan Dice.

THe mighty flee


Monkey Head FTW!!!

My Golf ball counterweight

Don’t really play 5a though

someone should make a 5A video using a mighty flea or a big deal ;D

That’s some 3A with 5A elements on it ;D
My good ol’ trusty rubber ball, any colours would do. Rubber balls FTW! >: D

The ones I make myself.