Your favorite counterweight

What is your favorite counterweight? I personally like the dice with sunglasses that is grinning at you.

just the standard casino dice, sometimes the yyj bearing dice, and on occasion i will do double dice with a 12 sided dice and a 6 sided dice.

A my little pony pocket pony.

I prefer the standard duncan die myself, with the panda head a close second… I strongly dislike the bouncy ball

For DD, two 5g dice. For regular, a 10g casino die with a bearing in it.

So gel it is impossible to be reem…

YYF spin top button. Although technically it’s not a counterweight.

I’m confused what are you trying to say?

Spintop button, or Yellow Ball.

duncan clear die or takeshi die

Where did you get that?

I use one of these, but I use Minty. I also have 11 more ponies beside the one I use as a CW. These include all 3 special glittery ones. That’s right. BE JEALOUS!

Duncan Bouncy ball.

There is one walmart near me that sells them but I’ve never seen them any where else…

I paint cw so if anyone wants me to paint theirs shoot me a pm I’ll post pictures sometime tomorrow :slight_smile:

Could you post some pics of your painted cw’s?

Ya they will be on in a little bit :slight_smile:

Should I put then on here or should I make a separate thread?

Here would be fine.

right now an aero black dice loose on the string and a small beat at the end

  • allows for astro tricks
  • weight close enough from a single dice standard setup
  • works wonders for string tension

I like the lit up dice too but it’s fragile so I keep them for contests and shows