well im just starting and i want to know… what are some cool things to use as counter-weights?

i love 5a! its so awesome!
i thinks its all cool

I use little counter-strike people and bouncy balls?

If you’re loking for a replacement because you don’t want to buy them just yet, tie the slipknot around a rubber eraser.

Small pokémon figures FTW. I have yet to get some of those. Anybody know if the ones in the pokéballs with candy have a good weight? Because they are fairly easy to get.

Use anything that the string can hold on to and has a weight you like. It’s a plus if it looks cool.

i drilled a hole in a d20 and d8 and use them together as a cw because theyre too light alone (D&D ftw ;))

WOOT!! Not alone brother… I’d like to try the D20 or maybe the D12…

Honestly I think Duncan Dice are the coolest, also Duncan Bouncys and homemade bouncys are awesome.

Duncan dice are for winners

yeah i have little pokemon balls and pokemon…
all 493…
dont ask

Duncan Dice are the best. Some people like the bouncy balls because they aren’t loud when they hit the yoyo, but they are no-where near as cool as the dice.

i like duncan dice, yyf “spintop buttons”, and nicks balls. my fave cw is a duncan die that has a corner chipped off from it hitting the ground, it seems to be the perfect weight now

Anything you want, as what Pheenix said, Those Small Pokemon figures will do. But Take a look at this, This have so many details about counterweights.

There perfect for my metal but a little on the heavy side.

Now I just have to go and buy a candypokéball with pride.

oh, lol woops didnt read it right my bad!

what are nick ball counterweight do you have any pics

I’m going to put a hole in an eraser that’s shaped like a skull ;D it’l be epic…

Wait IDK about candy, im talking about the ones that had like a guy inside the pokeball and you use the charecter, not the pokeball.