Counterweight set up?

I have tried different counterweights while yoyoing I was wondering which setup/ counterweights you prefer

Here is what I have tried so far:
2 dice with hole drilled in them
Duncan dice
Takeshi dice
Duncan bounce ball
Various Duncan heads

My favorite so far is the takeshi dice what have you tried and what works best to you?

Duncan die the neon yellow

I only have the skull counterweight that comes with the Metal Drifter. I want a rubber ball though.

I have only tried 5a a few times, but when I tried it, I know that dice and duncan heads hurt flying at your knuckles. For a beginner, I’d recommend the rubber ball, but for overall comfort, I liked the dice.

I have a related question…

What’s the typical weight of the CW? I have absolutely no knowledge about 5A and was thinking about experimenting with it. This would involve improvising a CW to save money…

How does the weight of the CW compare to the weight of the yoyo?

I use a wasp net counterweight I made it because I have a ton of sting just not counterweights.

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I think I heard someone say 1/6 the weight of a normal yoyo. I’m prolly wrong though.

I have some metal dice that weigh in at 17g before drilling a hole that might work. I’m a little concerned about hitting myself with a small metal cube though! :boom::dizzy_face:

I’m thinking I may hold out until I can find something a little softer!

I heard 1/10 the weight. Lol

Exactly, color spot on!

Not gonna drop names, but I was told 1/7 of the yoyo.
Duncan dice weigh 10.4 - 11 grams. I measured.

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From yoyowiki…

(The actual article referenced requires a subscription to the site it is on)

Answered in part.  This might be a decent read for you:,38988.msg376847.html#msg376847

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I was close. I just use a dice.

Pfff… Fairly new. Not anymore!

Interesting. I weighed some of my throws last night and they range from 63-73 grams. Going with a 1:6 ratio, the CW would be in the 10.5-12 gram range. That is consistent with the findings in the link TotalArtist posted. So, 1/6 it is… At least as a starting point.

Well, an experienced newbie (2 years) :D. That was a vintage T.A. post

@Mofoya, I have several more counterweights now, different sizes and types. I’m going to update the weights including the new counterweights I acquired since then. I’m anxious to weigh a few skulls. :smiley:

I’ve got a wasp nest drying right now. Looks like it’ll end up just over 12g. I’ll try it out tomorrow. If it goes well I’ll have some new tricks to learn!

I use two DD12 dice and they play just fine.