Question for 5a players

What are you guys using as a counter-weight? I am currently using a bouncy ball that has been used so much that it started to rip down the sides so I used Gorilla Tape to mend it’s wounds. I kind of got use to the feel of this ball so I don’t really want to replace it lol

You can buy another one. It’s not a big deal.

Lol I know I can buy another one. I have just grown accustom to using this one in particular. I have a 20 sided die that I used for awhile (just shows how much of a nerd I am) but I just like this old taped up ball for some reason

I use a Bouncy ball also. And I share your feeling about a certain ball I share that feeling also. I found a carbon fiber small hollow tube at the hardware store and cut it a little smaller. Shoved it inside and ran my string through it. My ball hasn’t ripped again.

Takeshi dice was wonderful, but don’t really make a big difference unless you have a lot of high speed tricks.

Other than that Duncan Dice are the way to go. There’s a reason that pretty much every top 5a player uses a die. They rebound much more consistently and don’t make the yoyo wobble when the counterweight hits the yoyo. They have a weight that balances very nicely with most yoyos as well.

Bouncy balls are alright for beginners, but you might find yourself wanting to switch to a die after too long.

I agree, the Takeshi dice are nice I use it on my 5a throw. Have you tried making a wasp nest counterweight?

No but I’m going to make one right now! Luckily my GF is crafty

Wasp Nests are the best counterweight for beginners. As long as you don’t soak them or too long, they can be very soft, just like the bouncy balls, but don’t make the yoyo wobble when the CW hits the yoyo.

Yeah I made a few a couple years ago. It’s cool what someone can do with old strings : P

If you wanna make sure you and your yoyo are safe use this counter weight

Can I get 6 please? I want to double up on a couple yoyos just to make sure I look as cool as the pros!

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I use an old wooden WERRD counterweight.
Best weight/shape for me, the round shape of a bouncyball with
the consistency and hardness of a dice.

Dice are the best.

Shape works well, and isn’t likely to catch strings or slip through too much either.

Also, they hurt… pain is a great way to learn how to do a trick correctly.

I use Duncan dice. A package of 3 CW from Duncan are 5 buck. what a deal.

i use a wooden block that i made myself ;D ;D ;D ;D

Get some dice, try different ones, They have a fairly wide verity of weights too them, it doesn’t seem to fallow color or not. If you don’t like getting hit by the corners, then run the string so it come outs the hole in a way that leaves the dice hanging flat rather then cocked to one side.

I use a tekeshi for what little 5a I do :slight_smile:

All Duncan dice weigh almost exactly the same, regardless of color, at least in my personal experience. I’ve gone through well over 30 Duncan dice in my time and I’ve noticed no difference between any of them.

The bouncy balls are different depending on color. Blue being the softest/lightest, then red, then greenish/yellowish, then yellow being the heaviest and hardest.

Try them on a gram scale bud. :wink: Mine where up to 2 off from the lowest weight to the highest weights. I only noticed this because I broke open one once and it was nearly hallow. My point was its not like the balls, color doesn’t seem to have anything to do with weight. just random ones weight more and less then each other. I have also went though a ridiculous amount of dice.