Counter weights

Do your make your own or bye them does it really make that big of a deal? I make mine. :slight_smile:

I don’t make mine. I use a Duncan Bouncy Ball Counter-Weight on my Plastic Grind Machine. Works extremely well in my opinion.

I use a lego tire… I just tried it once and worked well so now it’s my Fav.

I use my homemade dice counterweight.

I believe dryoyo does it best:

I make my own counter wights out of poker chips. I’ve heard you can use chess pieces too.

Keep it spinning™

I just use the ones that come with yoyos like:freehand,flying squirrel,etc…

LOL.  :smiley: :smiley:

I wanted to try freehand so bad so I just tightend the string around a die… Yeah… That didn’t work. Almost killed my cat… Too bad I missed. But I have an old casino stye die I drilled a hole through. Im gonna drill a hole through my 20 sider from DnD sooner or later… I’ve wanted to use a bouncy ball, and I think Im going to use a poker chip like Robert2393. (J/k bout killin the kitty btw)

I’ve contemplated drilling my D20 from DnD, but I don’t think I will…

As long as it’s not extremly big or the weight is uneven in different parts I believe you can use almost anything. I wonder what would happen if you use ANOTHER yoyo? jajaja Thatss going to be awsome

“6A: 1 string, 2 yoyos! Double the fun!”

How would some one go about throwing that?

There ya go… Sorry bout the bad words…

fixed ::slight_smile:

please keep this forum clean.

I was thinking more along these lines:

Maybe I’m just crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you bones.

I use Duncan Die or the bouncy balls… I don’t throw much 5a though.

I found a bouncy ball in the house and impaled it with a screwdriver until I couldn’d do so anymore. Then I found a drill bit and drilled a hole. I used my bare hands but thats not safe. You should at least be wearing gloves.

Whoops sorry guys… But really… How would some one go about throwing that?

I never thought of making my own counterweights before, i’m going to try it!

Hate to bring up an old thread but I just tried to 5A using a yoyo as a counter weight. Did not work… I think it was because the yoyo was too heavy. So I went down and got a dollar store yoyo and ripped out the brain and lights and it still didn’t work to well… So, I goofed around and used my Aguarius… Hehe. That was weird, the CW being beigger than the yoyo.

  Good luck to anyone else who tries