What counterwight do you use?

Hey I was wondering what most people use for there counterweights. Put down what ever you use the most and tell us about it also a pic would be nice too. Like for me I use a 100% plastic poker chip. I got a Marlboro poker set and took one 100% plastic chip and drilled a hole though it and put 1 50-50 string on it. I have a pic here of it one my new Limited edition DM. later and remember keep it spinning.


I use a bouncy ball. Pic coming l8r, I g2g to sleep ;D

i use the duncan freehand counterweight set from yoyonation it was like 10 bucks for 6 of them so it was a good deal

I use a 6 sided die that I drilled through.  It is a 19mm (best size in my opinion).  I usually drilll from the 1, 3, or 5 side, as they all have a pip in the center, which doubles as a great pilot for the drill.

Mine is a translucent red, with rounded corners.  Below is a link to dice on Amazon, there is a ton of colors and quantities there.  They average 50 cents a pop, and i think work great.  Hope this helps someone.

I use things off necklaces. If I find a cheap necklace with something cool on it, Ill just buy it and cut the string,plastic, etc. and take the stone or whatever out and use it as my counter weight. It works great and looks even greater! ;D

I use a knight (a chess piece) and i dont even drill through it i just wrap the slip not around it (but because of the way the head sticks out and the tail thickins the string stays put)