What are some unique items you guys have used for counterweights? I’ve been liking Carabiners lately

i use my raggdolls and bouncy balls ;D

a pikachu toy

Duncan Dice :stuck_out_tongue:

small animals such as raccoons, or if I’m feeling zesty a small yellow ball

smaller dice.

I know I’d love a diamond

not sure my hand would agree tho

You have just given me one of those headaches that poops out that thing where you know you need to go do something. I know what I’m doing while my oil is getting changed today.

that would damage the yoyo more than any counterweight would.
it’s much harder right?

i still like bouncy ball.

details… ;D 8)

A mighty flea!

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thinking of asking my grandpa to make me a little wooden thing, but im still practicing intermediate tricks on my FAST 201s, so im not going to 5a yet, how do you guys get the string to stay around a circular object (like a bouncy bal??)?

Loop it through the hole.

unless you go crazy and chose to ignore pain for a few hours (which I actually did), go for the bouncy ball, at least for the beginning, until you are sure you can catch the CW without it slapping the back of your hand, then you don’t want it to be a hard, wooden object. Beginning 5A almost had my hand broken (but I admit I have 2 left hands and 10 thumbs)

I used a pen once. Just to see if i could. Did not work. Did half of nunchuck and then it flew off and the yoyo rolled away.

My recent explorations have netted me nothing. PM me your address and when I find the perfect one I’ll send you your very own piece of ice.

What i use are small rubber ducks. You fill them with hot glue to give it weight. then drill through the middle. they look and work extremely well.

and here are my limitations with the english language, are you serious or sarcastic here ? (I’m going with sarcastic, but I’ve seen some surprising things in my life so I like to stay open to possibilities)

because if you send one over, I’ll use it

if you’re not serious, thank you then for implementing my next “crazy idea” deep into my head, to the point where, given the opportunity, I might just make it happen for the sake of it, and saying “I’ve done it”

Just made a rubber band ball that works well for me. Any thing’s better then slamming that dice into my finger nails…

something harder is also a way to work on how well you catch the CW, just use pain as a motivation, worked for me