So, I found out that connecting a magnetic alphabet letter “o” isn’t such a great idea when it makes my trapeze crooked and my grip loose and uncomfortable.
I’m heading for a dice and does anyone know if there will be dice in hobby/game(Uncles) stores that have holes through them? ???

They are 5 bucks…
And most Duncan’s comes with counterweights.

Ok… but can I get them at some kind of hobby store? Or maybe best bet, Uncles? I just don’t want to wait for shipping or for my dad to build me a wooden cubed one…

You most likely won’t find one with a hole in it. You can drill a hole in any die you want though.

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And it won’t split?

No. We do it all the time with a drill. I’ve got like six homemade cw’s sitting next to me right now.

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I always use the Duncan rubber ball CW. I took the plastic off to prevent any damage to my yo-yo. I really only bought a throwmonkey for the counter weight that came with the box.

I would suggest getting a die from and old monopoly set and using that if you have one. It might be a bit small, but you could use it while you wait for shipping or for you dad to make you one.

I just made mine I drilled a hole in a cheap rubber ball from a grocery store and ta da! A 25 cent counterweight that an it looks really cool with the marble coloring to it.

Seriously. Duncan dice are the way to go.

But, if you’re really set on making your own… there are two things I reccomend:

-get a die (3/4"-1" sides. Rounded corners if you don’t want to mess up your hands or bang up your yoyo.) Take it to a c-clamp, vice grip, whatever. Draw an “X” from corner to corner, and drill where the lines intersect. Or, even better, use a drill. Press.

-get some clay.make your own.

-make a wasp nest. Or hornet nest. Whatever its called. Look it up on popular posted it.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

if you make your own make sure it is big enough… i made a counter weight that was way to small and it was hard to do some tricks. Normal dice that come in board games are too small IMO

those are roughly 7/16"-1/2". The best IMO are 3/4"-1" (sides)

It’s not that hard to make counter weights. If you live in the us just look at a local five below they usually have a big jar of hard and soft dice. Just get a small drill bit and drill through the middle dot of the “5 side”
I just decided recently to switch to the soft dice instead due to the tons of bruises I keep getting on my hands.

i made one out of old string, there are instructions online but i forget the what its called, if somebody could help me with the name i’m having a brain fart on this one, anyways, if you make it correctly they work really well.

It’s called a Wasp Nest. There are instructions for it here. I’m going to make one soon.

Please do.

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I found a plastic golf ball in my house with holes. I use that and it works pretty well except it’s kinda light…

Wow, I just realized that the link didn’t work in my post. I tried to put in this exact link but it didn’t work.

I used a small carabiner when I first started 5A, it’s not a bad way to go.