different counterweights ?


I have a few dice I use for 5a but am bored with them… What other common items could I use as a counterweight?


a bouncy ball




believe it or not, you can use a lego guy if you can get the string through his legs, like this…
and yes, that is a black ninja that goes great with a black yoyo ;D ;D ;D

(Mitch) #5

I’ve used alot of homemade stuff but my favorite so far seems to be duncan dice. I dont care too much for the bouncy balls, and the duncan heads are alright…


My favorite counterweight is probably the Yoyofactory Spin-Top button, that you can purchase at contests. I also really like the Duncan Die though. But I like how the Spin-Top button is a white or translucent red, and is round and weighs less or more, I don’t know. I also really like the Spin-Top button better because it’s from Yoyofactory. :o 8) ::slight_smile: :slight_smile:


that lego guy is an interesting idea…lol


My friend used like a LEGO wheel as a counterweight before, but it was really horrible. :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to use a caribiner clip and it was ok for the light yo-yos like a speed maker.


You can splash a huge dice like I did!

Or make a electric component CW like I did!

hope I helped


kool splash… how do ya do it?

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Just curious… Are they Duncan dice your getting bored with? I <3 duncan dice, and have a few bouncy balls I’d be willing to trade…


Hommade dice


I spray painted it red, slung glue on it, painted it black, then peeled the glue off. And thanks!


I used to use a small roll of electrical tape :stuck_out_tongue:


I had that idea at boyscout camp lol.


I use a homemade WaspNest