What's you favorite Counterweight?

What’s your favorite counterweight? You can give reasons why you like it.

My favorite are the Duncan Dice, the color depends on the yoyo. They’re comfortable for me, their weight is perfect for me, and I really like their ‘Feel’ during play.

Duncan monkey head.

I don’t know. It’s just cute. :-*

Kidding! (I really am)

But yes, the monkey head.

Die, bouncing-ball.

Happy Throwing! =]

Poll added :slight_smile:


I saw that on Who’s Online. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, I only tried the dice. Blue and Yellow. So…I’ll go with the die.

My Home Made bouncy balls.

I like doing 5A with light-ish yoyos ike the Skyline, and the bouncy balls are really light.

They have cool mix colors too.

i like homemade counterweights.

its great knowing that hours on hours of your time, your sweat, and blood (i’ve bled a few times making counterweights) go into your very own personalized counterweight.


i really like my home made counterwieght, just knowing there made by yourself makes it 10 times better!

small crystal skull