Counterweight Weights

Just in case anyone was wondering, here are the weights of the Duncan Counterweights in order from lightest to heaviest.

Blue Die - 10.5 grams
Yellow Die - 10.6 grams
Clear Die - 10.6 grams
Blue Bouncy Ball - 10.7 grams
Red Die - 10.9 grams
Red Bouncy Ball - 10.9 grams
Squirrel Head - 11.5 grams
Panda Head - 11.6 grams
Monkey Head - 11.75 grams
Duncan Man Head - 11.75 grams
Skull Head - 11.75 grams
Steve Brown Head - 11.8 grams
Mean Red Die (a.k.a. Dieguy) - 12 grams
Yellow Bouncy Ball - 14.75 grams

Now if you’re thinking, “Why would I want to know the weight of some dumb counterweight?”. Well the answer is quite simple, the ideal weight of a counterweight is 1/7th the weight of the Yo-Yo according to Steve Brown (the Creator of 5A). Although it all comes down to personal preference.

Here’s an example:
The Dif-E-Yo Tank weighs about 75 grams, right? Well let’s divide 75 by 7, the answer is about 10.7. The counterweights that weigh closest to 10.7 grams is the Blue Bouncy Ball, the Red Bouncy Ball, the Red Die, and the Squirrel Head. So according to Steve’s philosophy, The Tank will balance best with any of these. The one you choose is all a matter of preference.

Now just because this is what Steve Brown recommends, doesn’t mean that it’s the only way. It’s all about what feels the best to you. Some people prefer another proportion, like the counterweight being 1/6th of the yo-yo’s weight. Others will just use what’s comfortable for them. Use whatever works for you. Just like with yo-yos, preference is key.

This is just to help those who either aren’t sure about what counterweight to use with which Yo-Yo, Need to find the right “Feel” for 5A, or are simply just curious.

Thank you all for reading this, and I hope this helps people. :slight_smile:


Haha kewl man! This will help me out next time I’m gonna get a counterweight!


I use yellow bouncy ball for everything ::slight_smile: ::).

Very nice post :smiley:

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Very nice to know.

Did you do this yourself?

Well I was curious myself. So I asked a question since I don’t have a scale, and these were the results. I just organized them and made the mini-guide.

To everyone else, thanks for your comments! I’m glad that it you liked it!

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I think Andre should definitely sticky this.

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Wow, that makes sense to me, but you forgot the metal heads which it weighs a little heavier, so I think if 888 or catch 22, or other heavy metal yoyos weighs more, then you might want to get the metal heads to have the same balance between the yoyo and the counterweights.

Happy Throwing! ==]

Cool guide!

Now to see what my meteor should use! My capless meteor is 58 grams, so…

1/7 X 58 = 8.3

Darn, none of these suit my meteor.

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sweet post!

that is a nice guide that everyone should see! :wink:


Well, you have two options:

  1. You can jut put one of these counterweights on it, regardless of the weight ratio.

  2. You can make your own counter weight.

If you’re talking about the silver ones that come with the MFHZ, then they’re not really metal. They’re really just painted silver. It scares me to think what a metal counterweight would do to a yoyo. :-\

There’s something strange about this. If a cw should be 1/7 of the yoyo then the blue die is the best option for any yoyo. There’s not many yoyos out there that weigh more than the DM.
I think the perfect ratio is more like 1/6 of the yoyo.

anyone have any idea how much a regular dice weighs. you know like from a board game? i just bought some and drilled holes in them.

Steve Brown himself said that the ideal weight of the counterweight was 1/7th of the yo-yo’s weight. This does not necessarily mean it’s the only way to set up a yo-yo for counterweight. In the quote above, I state that it all comes down to personal preference. If you want to put a Yellow Bouncy Ball CW on a Mosquito, go right ahead. The choice ultimately comes down to what feels best to the player.

Board game dice come in many sizes and weights. The only way to find out how much they weight is if you have a scale. I use two Monopoly Junior dice for DD, and I have no idea how much they weigh. Oh well, as long as they work! ;D

There are yoyos though,G5 BK edition is the first that come to mind.

just to let you know the name of the Mean Red Die is called Dieguy.
that is the one I use.