5a counterweights

Hey guys, I’m getting pretty into 5a, and I made a few waspnest counterweights. I also have used a red and a blue Duncan bouncy ball, plus the blue dice. I mostly use my genesis and protostar for 5a. What are your favorite 5a setups? Also, I’ve hears the yellow bouncy ball is heavier the rest.is that true?

I use a Genesis with a blue Duncan dice. Works great.

I use my own personal counterweights, and my favorite 5a yoyo is the dietz

As for duncan bouncy ball counterweights, the blue is the softest and the lightest, yellow is the hardest and the heaviest, and the red is in between.

And all of the dice weigh the same.

I totally didn’t know the different colours had different weights. :o
and I use an orange yyj bearingized die I got at worlds. Bought the last one they had that wasn’t on a destiny. :slight_smile:

I use my wasp nests, but I’ve also used blue bouncy. What’s ur favorite?

any color and red skull

Counterweights are so 07.

Ball Bearind Die…

24 mm square, 17 grams, ball bearing attach fitting…

Most awesome CW ever!!

I got one. That’s what I’m going to use when I finally get ready for 5A.

Plus, I’m ordering a bunch of Terrapin X bearings, so if he’s still doing the CW offer, you know I’m all over that!

Send me a PM and save on eBay fees…

I have a question about counterweights. Is there an ideal ratio of yoyo weight to the weight of the die/ball/whatever? For example if your yoyo is this heavy, your counterweight should be this heavy etc. I imagine this is mostly a personal preference type of thing, but I was just curious.

I love 5A

so here are some of the setups I have fun with

Stacked DV888 with duncan dice and duncan ball - Gstring Noly - KK (this one is HEAVY, fun but I don’t use it all the time)
YYJ Ai, without the caps, Acrylic/clear CW (custom made) - Graou string - KK
Bapezilla, Acrilyc + roleplaying die (GITD ^^), still looking for the best string here, for now I use snacktime - KK
Steamroller, ham string, Custom die - KK
OG trainwreck, graou string, custom die - flat (oldschool ^^)
YYJ Destiny setup, Graou string - KK (awesome setup for learning tricks and training)
3yo3 cosmo (clear), clear ball bearing die, chaos 422 string, spacers - KK (awesome looks)

Steve brown notes 1 to 7 as being the best weight ratio. Mostly however, it’s personal preference.

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Red bouncy Ball! oh man i forgot my homemade one made out of a fishing bobber >.<