4a and 5a

So I’m thinking about starting up 4a and 5a…and was thinking if there were any tips or pointers one could give to help guide that path. Like I read approx. Cw to yoyo ratio but can’t find it though I know its only preference.

Thanks to any and all in advance

As for 5a, use a bouncy ball first because you will be beating up your hand if you don’t.

If you are buying the bouncy balls (duncan ones), keep in mind:

Well a friend gave me a red dice, which is all I have. So that’s what I’ve been using (kinda put 5a off for a few days)

The supposed ideal weight ratio of yoyo to counterweight is 7-1.

I’m guessing you’re using your 888 which is 68 grams so divide by seven (zero!) and you get about 9.7 (time paradox). :stuck_out_tongue:

i dunno, I got the Duncan Head CW Set and they work out for all of my yoyos I throw daily. w/e Good luck and have fun :smiley: