Difference in Counterweights?

Hey there, I’m new to 5A (and yoyoing as a whole, I’ve only been throwing for four months so far), and I was wondering how much a different counterweight affects throwing 5A. I’ve only been using a rubber ball so far, but I feel like using the die would do a lot for momentum and make some tricks easier. I’m not sure if it’d do a lot, and also I’m not sure if using a die would scratch or dent my yoyo at all. Any advice? Also any tips for 5A in general would be good as far as where to learn more advanced tricks. At this rate I’d probably have all of yoyoexpert’s stuff learned within the next week even with a busy schedule, and yoyofactory’s 5A may stuff has been taken down :frowning:

I prefer a rubber ball over a die. A die won’t ding your yoyo, but it will make an annoying ding sound when it hits it, and it’s very painful when it hits your knuckles. Other than that it won’t make much of a differance.

how heavy should a CW be? i just started doing this a couple days ago and i found a Pewter ring… ive been using this… its about the same weight as my DM is that good or bad?? the double on trapeze is tricky because its so heavy

I believe that i heard somewhere that it should be like 1/7-1/10 the weight. Thats what i use as a guideline. I use a gram scale and find things that can be fun counterweights. It seems to work. But yeah once you get into like half or the same weight, its waaaay too much.

ooohhhh, i find my heavy one makes certain things easier, but maybe it is too heavy

I found the blue foam ball to be more comfortable than a die. Though remember to use the 1/7th ratio. Also keep in mind just because it’s that ratio doesn’t mean you should use it immediately. Comfort matters too.

IMO: The Die is big and bulgy and hits the yo-yo too much.

The Die doesn’t increase speed. Just maybe a different weight, and makes a dinging sound, along with a different material (plastic) and shape. That’s about it. Some people prefer some of others.

i was experimenting today with different weights… and i find my 70 gram weight works the best for most trick, i can whip it around alot quicker, but when i try to do a trapeze and whip the whole thing around, it usually seperates from the yoyo