i know its a preference thing but i was wondering if anyone had a good range for me to test as a CW for a DM


Try the Duncan die. I really like them. They’re great counterweights. :wink:

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Great CW.

Ask B-Rad about them.


All I use is Duncan Dice. Shannon Cubes are also great, not sure if J-Spinn is still making them though.


Use the good ol’ rubber ball! :smiley:


i love counterweights! i use metal mans counterweights or 5 spacers


use the ball… if you are doing a high speed trick and it hits you it doesnt hurt


does anyone have a duncan die and a spin top i can trade for or buy?

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For the DM a good one is a Duncan Die. For a advanced metal, I like spintops.


i wanna try both the Duncan die and a spin top button but dont know where i can get both together so if anyone can sell me one of each that wud be great

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It is not worth the money to ship them, if you go to any big competitions you can get spintops and dies come with Duncan yoyo’s


the duncan yoyos at my toys r us come with the heads not the die

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Heads are just as good, pretty much all Duncan CW are the same, it’s just the die is symmetrical and feels better to use.


oh cause i have the monkey and the skull but dont rly care for them i have something i can prolly make into one but idk wich size one i shud use

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What don’t you like? Shape or weight?


its mainly the shape

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Then get two normal sized dice and drill holes in them, those will be better for you.

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I would recomond you not to use the Duncan ball CW…if you get used to the normal dice (duncan) its way better. But I make CW for myself…