Why Dice?

thats false and we both no it u dropped more then one it at least sounds better if u say threw



So I have a dice question

One of my yoyo friends has a Duncan clear dice and he always tells me that they’re like super rare and hard to find
Is that true?

What joke? Don’t be so immature, Pat.

Super rare? Eh. Uncommon? Yes. They can be tough to find at times, but if you’re offering to pay enough, you can find them.

They were released with the Hyper* freehands made some time ago. They’re sought out by collectors and 5a players because they look really darn cool.

They came with Hyper Freehands (and apparently the Glasseye FHs) and are fairly rare. I believe as of last year Duncan started packaging the Freakhand FH2s with matching translucent colored CWs, I think they’re doing the same for the regular FH2s as well now. Although I’m sure many still prefer clear over anything, the new ones are a heck of a lot nicer than the boring old solids imo.

With my regular fh2 i got for xmas it came with a boys head CW.

Now I think most of these are based on opinion, so I wouldn’t say any counterweight is superior to another. It all depends on how you like them.

Saying ball is for a beginner who’s afraid to hurt they’re hands is also pretty bogus. I’ve been doing 5a long enough to know that getting hit in the knuckle with a counterweight on a cold day feels pretty painful, and I do enjoy heavier counterweights also.

And I personally think bounces are cooler than dice grinds.

Overall, it just depends what mood I’m in. Both are great.

FOR ME, I find I can control dice better than the bouncey balls. But like everything else, its all prefence.

Legacy info:

when Steve Brown and Chris Neff were first tooling around with the 5A idea back in '99, they were trying to figure out something that was a good weight that perfectly countered the weight of the yo-yo approximate to the types of tricks they were doing (hence counterweight)

they tried bouncy balls from vending machines, and they worked okay, but they usually split and cracked open pretty easily (which is why Duncan ball CWs come with the eyelet to thread the string through). They found that any object approximately 1/6 the weight of the yo-yo worked pretty well.

most yo-yos were around 64-66 grams… and casino dice happened to fit the bill pretty darn perfectly. They also fit well in the hand and moved through the air pretty nicely… so dice became the norm.

and now you know.

The clear dice also play a little heavier from what I remember. I’ve got two or so around the house somewhere… been looking since I was in High School but I just can’t track the suckers down.

Yeah, I think he has like one or two of them

I remember seeing Seth Peterson at Mitchell’s YoYo Club with case full of Hyper Freehands and Zeros and all of them had clear dice on them. At the time (2006) you could still buy Hyper Freehands so the dice where easy to obtain. Danny Severance and I started rocking them hard. Fast forward a few years… Danny, Tyler and myself threw them pretty much exclusively. This is around the time when the clear dice popularity exploded.

At one time I had about 16 (Steve Brown sent me a bag of them). Now I only have four and its the only type of counterweight I’ve used for the last 8 years.

Yeah I saw them on your supernovas on Instagram they do look pretty killer.

Those are spin top buttons for your information. Lol, jokes aside, there’s nothing wrong with an protecting an idea, I see no reason why Duncan would say no.